Blog Check-In 2006.09.27

It looks like I have a busy few days ahead of me. It’s the end of September, and PTA is coming up on the weekend. Read on for more!
I’m trying to prepare all the things for the PTA this weekend. It’s all coming along. Weatherwise, Taiwan is pretty hot. It’s about 30 degrees celsius and very humid. It rains from time to time. Right outside our building, there is this man who flies birds. I am not sure what type of birds they are, they look like pigeons. In the beginning, he waves a giant flag to send them signals. My wife didn’t believe me at first that such a thing was possible. But after having flown them every single morning before our departure for school, she was convinced. Yesterday morning, I actually saw the birds hovering right in front of him until he issued them a command. Quite strange. Especially since they aren’t that many birds around.

* * * * *

The garbage trucks play this funny little song that is instantly recognizable. I remember reading that when you heard that song, you had to run out to dump your garbage in the truck. Good thing that we live in an apartment building. We don’t have to worry about that.

Soon we will get a scooter and be able to move around the city. We barely hear any news from Canada or Montreal. Since the laptop is broken until next week most probably, we don’t have internet at home. I fall asleep watching crappy movies on HBO.

* * * * *

I guess that life is moving ahead for everyone. I sometimes wish I could post more updates, but I get too tired at the end of the day to post anything really. Managing rowdy classes during the day is enough for me.

* * * * *

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4 thoughts on “Blog Check-In 2006.09.27”

  1. How delightful to know those things about Taiwan; I loved hearing about the garbage truck tune and the bird man. I’m glad I ran across a comment you left on my site and will be back to hear more!

  2. Hey everybody!
    Hey Luke, sorry for the late reply. I have seen Fearless a while ago, when it came out in HK. Must have been a year ago. Other than that, I really like it here in Taiwan. It’s a good blend. Tax free income, permanent job, a lot of experience. My wife said that being a teacher here at this school is exactly the same as being a teacher in Canada. She thought, as well as I, that teaching here would be kind of a vacation. It isn’t. It is hard work, but when 5 o’clock comes around, I leave. I teach 26 hours per week. I tutor 2 hours per week.

    When I get home with Jo, we eat and watch something then we go to bed.

    @ bloglily: yes, the garbage trucks have a distinctive tune. When you do not have a service in your apartment or house, you have to run out when you hear the music to throw the trash out. I have been to Taipei, and the music is different there. The music is better in Hsinchu, where I am right now.

    @ Sandra: Yes, I got 4-5 year olds in the morning and little 9-11 year olds in the afternoons. The 4th grade classes are the ones that needed discipline and it was a challenge, but I got through it and I am still enjoying it.

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