Lost S03E01: A Tale Of Two Cities (ABC)

The new season of Lost starts with a Jack-centric episode. Since I am somewhat stranded on another continent in another timezone, it took some time before I was able to get most of the recent Lost episodes. What follows are my impressions and review of the season premiere.

Lost S03E02: The Glass Ballerina
Lost S03E03: Further Instructions
Lost S03E04:Every Man For Himself
Lost S03E05: The Cost Of Living
Lost S03E06: I Do


The new season starts out quite surprisingly. There is a lively discussion going on about a book. We slowly realize that these are actually The Others and that they are not wearing shambles. They are living in a small neighborhood on the island. We see Henry Gale or Bob. He is in charge. We realize that this scene is from when the Oceanic flight of the Lost survivors crashed on the island. Henry Gale orders Ethan to infiltrate the group of survivors and orders others around to watch what will happen.


Jack gets broken by an Other. She works on pressure points in his psycho, mostly to do with his ex-wife and his father. She breaks him and Henry Gale thanks her as she comes out of her interrogation session. Jack had tried to get to her and he successfully did, but Henry Gale flooded the aquarium so that they had to scramble to find air. When they did and they were safe, she knocked Jack out with a hard blow to the head. She breaks Jack because he lets her give him food. She gives him orders formulated as a request and he complies.


She reveals that they are part of what is left of the Dharma Initiative and the aquarium is the station called Hydra.


Kate, Jack and Sawyer are all being interrogated by different means. They try the soft approach with Kate. Jack gets put in an old aquarium and Sawyer is put in a cage with some brain teasers.


Kate gets treated to a hot shower and some a good breakfast with Henry Gale who promises her that the next few weeks will be the hardest she has ever experienced. The reason why he wanted to have breakfast with her is to make sure that she had something nice to remember.


Just like an animal, Sawyer finds a way to get to the food. Another captive makes his escape and frees Sawyer but, he gets rapidly caught and put back in his cage. Shortly after, Kate is put in with him, her wrists bloody from her handcuffs.

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