Range On Fashion And Cheap Shirts

This photo was taken at the Dagobert, a nightclub in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada in July 2006.


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After commenting on Mr Angry’s blog, I decided to turn my comment into a full fledged post. Like that really means anything.

In our society, clothing has a very important place. People might want to say that you don’t judge a book by its cover, but in reality you do. Kind of. At least part of your judgement happens in the first 5 seconds of seeing and meeting someone. I personally have spent the last 4 years in suits. When I started out, I had 2 cheap suits and a few cheap shirts. Bought them at Moores if you really want to know. Therein lied my problem. I didn’t really know anything about them. Years later, I look back on my old suits and think just how bad they were. This doesn’t mean that some cheaper suits are great buys, such as Tommy Hilfiger suits and other brand names.

Just remember this:

A suit is brought together by a very good tie. Even if your suit is a bit tired and crumpled, if you have an impeccable tie, it will bring the suit together and make you look like a million bucks. And everybody notices good ties.

Cheap shirts suck ass. I used to buy cheaper shirts. I got my really nice shirts when my wife got me a Christmas present a few years back. She also bought some extra nice ties from Hugo Boss, about 100$ a pop.

The secret to looking great in a suit is the tie. You can have a cheap shirt on, as long as you wear a really expensive tie that matches, you’re gold.

When you wear the nice shirts, they feel good, not cramped. And they have nice details on them, that you tend to notice if you wear them a lot. The buttons are thick, the fabric is nice and thick. The most I paid for a shirt was 125 $CAD. They were on special. Originally, they were 200$. They were Klauss Bohler shirts. They work on a stripe pattern. One has orange and other stripes and another has pink or vermillion stripes. The stripes are quite bold, so you have to have a tie that matches those shirts specifically in order to wear them properly.

Ties aren’t easy to buy. My favorite tie makers are Hugo Boss and Carnival de Venise. They make very thick ties that I always tie into a double windsor knot. Never go for the single windsor. Thick ties need shirts that have higher collars, so watch out for that. I like shirts with high collars because of the fashion in The Matrix movies, with the ultra high collars. I found out a few years back who made the shirts. Some designer who didn’t have any prêt-à-porter.

As with shirts, I enjoy striped ties with bold colors. You have to watch that though, sometimes a striped shirt with a striped tie will not work. That combination will be hard to pull off and only works in certain situation. The best fashion advice on suits I got was at The Bay in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The guys working at the designer suits knew their stuff and matched my shirts well with the ties. In the beginning, always seek out the advice of professional who know what they are doing. Or bring your wife. Wives know fashion a lot better than you do.

In fashion you get what you pay for.

Or you could go to Taiwan or Thailand and get your suits and shirts tailor made. I rather prefer buying designers. Because good white and colored shirts with black suits rarely go out of fashion. Some people can wear a good suit for 20 years, if they take care of it.

You can’t go wrong with a pinstriped suit or a good black one.

Designers I like: Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole, Carnival de Venise, Klauss Bohler.

Cheers, my thoughts on shirts.

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4 thoughts on “Range On Fashion And Cheap Shirts”

  1. The equivalent thing for women’s clothes is the shoes tie everything together and make it work. I only buy four maybe five pairs of shoes a year, so I started paying more for them and it’s been so worth it. Fell into the low-end designer shoes thing.

  2. Hey, the guy who is still wearing t-shirts from 20 years ago is giving out style advice! What do I know?

    Business is business, you need to look sharp and looking sharp is cool.

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