Thoughts On A Saturday Night


Taken during a club night featuring The Hacker @ Dagobert on June 22nd 2006 in Quebec City, Canada. Taken with a Sony Cybershot DSC-P93 5.1 MP camera. 

During my work days, even if I have a Hell-day, I always take the time to relax a bit. Work on my blog, work on a post, check out new motorbikes and drink my cup of coffee. It’s always important to make time for yourself. I used to work from home. I had been doing this for over 4 years. It doesn’t suit me as well as I thought it would. Working with other people is good.

It’s like the difference between the kid who was homeschooled and the kid who went to schoool. The homeschool kid probably gets an interesting education but lacks it in social matters.

I like being around people. I like interacting with kids. They are so simple. During the thanksgiving presentation, I had two 5 year olds sitting on me. I’m pretty sure my wife would have loved a picture. She says that I am a natural teacher. She must know because she is a certified teacher and has a masters in education.

I wished before to be able to live off my blogs, but I know think that if that will ever happen, it will be in the future. And doing it full time would be cool, but again, I wouldn’t be around that many people.

My plans are probably to go back to school here part time, since they pay you to go back to school it would be stupid not too. This is in Taiwan. To work part time in a school for the ARC, the working permit. And to work the rest of the time as a tutor.

I wish I had more time to do my art, which by the way, I have not been able to photograph correctly since I leave in the morning and come back when it’s night. I’ll try using my wife’s DSLR tomorrow. Sunday, should be possible.

* * * * *


Lizel in the forefront, me in the backround with my old Mouse On Mars t-shirt, which is about 6 years old. My wife JoRees took this picture with a Fuji S2 Pro. Taken on Friday night, the 24th of November 2006 in Hsinchu, Taiwan. I need a haircut. I haven’t got a clipper anymore, so I have more hair than I would want to. Then again, my wife likes my hair longer.  

Yesterday, I must have met at least 20 South-Africans at a party. I didn’t think that there were that many in Hsinchu. I got to meet Lizel again. She has been in Hsinchu for the last 6 years.  She is an artist and a business woman who came over here some time ago. She has told me that her father has never understood why she is still here after all this time. I think that he will find out, since he is coming over to Taiwan tomorrow. Two boys are qutie nervous tonight. Both of them are meeting their “in-laws” for the first time. Naturally, they aren’t yet their real in-laws, but in Quebec when you are seeing someone, their parents are your in-laws.

In Quebec and in the rest of the French speaking world, we say goodbye by giving kisses on cheeks. There is a whole etiquette behind it. The number of kisses vary from region to region and can be as many as six. In France men will kiss men and women and vice-versa, it’s a common thing. In Quebec, men will kiss women and women will kiss men. Men will not kiss men but they will give hugs if they are close enough.

I speak of this because I am so used to being like this. With all my female friends, I always greeted them this way. It is hard to actually give a sturdy handshake to a girl whom you  know. The Taiwanese do not like physical contact between them and people that they do not know. I knew that beforehand. This all came up when we left a party on Friday night. I was somewhat tired and explained the situation on my way out because I had just given Lizel a firm handshake. Gitte as well. I put my shoes on and we talked about the cultural differences and then my wife gave kisses to the men and women  and I gave kisses to the men and we left.

* * * * *


Gitte at the same party with the reflections from the kitchen light, taken without a flash by my wife JoRees with a Fuji S2 Pro on Friday, the 24th of November 2006 in Hsinchu, Taiwan. 

We are a bit sad, because Gitte and Chris are both leaving for South-Africa in January. It’s too bad, we really get along well with them.

* * * * *

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