Blog Check In 2006.11.26

Corner of Ste-Marguerite and St-Ambroise street, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, taken at night while I was walking my dog. Photo taken in June 2006. 

Well, it has been another interesting week-end in Taiwan.

A lot has happened, but I spent most of the weekend inside, taking it easy. I needed to get away from the pollution to clear my lungs.

* * * * *

Right now, I am watching Spy Game with Brad Pitt and Robert Redford. It was a good spy movie from 2001. The movie was interesting and reminded me of Day of the Condor, an old Robert Redford movie that I liked. It reminds me of Marathon Man with Dustin Hoffman. I just spent the last hour uploading my posts on Lost. The show is on hiatus until the 7th of February 2007. For once, we actually dwelve into The Others and why they are near the island.

* * * * *

My wife posted an article about Brangelina, which is why I guess I am watching this movie. It had to do with safety on scooters. Since we had two scooter accidents the first week of having a scooter, she is naturally a bit nauseous when talking about the subject. But she is a trooper, and diligently hops onto it every single day. I go everywhere with it. It’s just a way of life. You have to be very careful with the balance of the thing, especially if you are carrying two people on the scooter. They tend to tip over easily, if you aren’t careful.

It is said that scooters are automatic motorcycles. Most of the things possess a CVT transmission, with no fixed gear ratios. This makes it easy to drive everyday, you don’t have to worry about shifting gears. Shifting gears in Taiwan is a bit bothersome, but hasn’t discouraged me of wanting a real motorcycle. Since I no longer have a lot of faith in our scooter, I am looking into getting a newer one. I had set my sights on the Kymco Ego 250, which has a powerful engine to truck us both around a lot easier.

But after I saw this picture of Brangelina scootering around in Vietnam, it got me thinking. Someone had mentioned to me that the scooters in Thaiand were a lot easier to drive, beause of the bigger wheels and of a lighter design. This got me all excited, I went onto the Thai website of Yamaha to discover which scooter Brangelina were driving. I discovered that they were driving a Yamaha Nouvo. The site looked promising. I was getting all excited, thinking of our upcoming trip to Thailand and thinking about getting a scooter there and shipping it over, since everybody knows, everything in Thailand is dirt cheap.

However, I discovered quickly that the scooters were actually underbones or mopeds. That totally sucked. Most mopeds are manual. The largest engine available on a moped is a 150cc on a Suzuki Raider. There are illegal drag races in Kuala Lumpur and all over the Philipines.

I still want to try one out. I find that the larger wheels, the chain from the motor to the rear wheel and the larger shocks make it look like it is safer. However, I am not sure. I think that some good scooters over here are a lot safer.

In America, you don’t have to wear a helmet when you drive a motorcycle. In Canada, it is illegal to drive without one. The roads and temperament of the motorcycle drivers in America aren’t anywhere near like the ones here in Taiwan and the rest of Asia. Here in Taiwan, Scooters rule the roads. If you have a car, you are always worried about hitting scooters.

* * * * *

It looks like it’s possible that I might shoot a wedding with my wife in early December. That would be cool and give me the excuse of getting my Nikon D200.

* * * * *

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