Lost S03E03 Further Instructions (ABC)

Another recap and review of a Lost episode. I have finally been able to see all of them. The show itself is on break until the 7th of February 2007. Warning, spoilers ahead!

Lost S03E01: A Tale Of Two Cities
Lost S03E02: The Glass Ballerina
Lost S03E04:Every Man For Himself
Lost S03E05: The Cost Of Living
Lost S03E06: I Do

Locke is awakened and cannot speak. He sees Desmond fleeing naked in the bushes. Eko’s prayer stick almost hits him in the head. He makes his way back to camp, still unable to talk. He sees Charlie first. He gathers some supplies and starts making a sweat tent to have visions.

Flashbacks start and tell the story of how Locke became a Hunter. He was part of a commune and it was infiltrated by a young police officer that Locke brought there. The commune was growing pot and the police were trying to stop them. Locke had an opportunity of killing the officer and he never was able to.

Locke has his vision quest and meets Boone. He has a vision and now knows that he must save Eko from a polar bear. The Others have been keeping polar bears in the pens that Sawyer and Kate are in now. He makes his way to the layer of the bear, with Charlie tagging along. On the way, they find Hurley with news from Jack and the others. Locke goes into the cave by himself and fights off a polar bear with an improvised flame thrower.

Hurley meets naked Desmond on the way back. Desmond mutters something about Locke’s speech about saving Jack, Kate and Sawyer. Hurley tells him that Locke only mentioned saving Eko from the bear. Desmond mutters, “Yes that is right.”. For some reason, Desmond is prescient, meaning that he knows the future.>

Locke brings Eko back and takes charge to try and care for Eko.

* * * * *

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