Britney’s Crotch Shot Mania

Taken during the night of the Fête St-Jean-Baptiste, the Quebec national holiday which celebrates Quebec. Taken on the 23rd of June 2006 with a Sony Cybershot DSC-P93 5.1MP camera in Quebec City on the Plaines D’Abraham.

My wife enjoys reading entertainment and gossip blogs, like Perez Hilton and Pink Is The New Blog. She told me about a new phenomenon. It involved Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton showing their crotches to the camera. Naturally, for them to be newsworthy, they were going commando.

Perez Hilton was actually interviewed by ABC News to comment on this. He told them that the starlets do this on purpose, because they want media attention. He said that it isn’t a coincidence that Lindsay Lohan showed off her crotch four times in a month.

My wife wrote a post about this.

This post gives you an idea what we are talking about. If you look on Faded Youth, you can see the full monty on that situation. Needless to say, since I consider The Memoirs a family friendly blog, I won’t publish them.

Then again, I am somewhat of a journalist. Ah well, here are some snippets. BTW, these are NSFW. It reminds me of some of the posts of Lenina on the Imogen porn tapes.

I feel a bit like Chartreuse.

Guess how many visits she had today because of that post…

1600. Correction 4310. Nope it’s at 5330. Nope 7000. Her post is #2 on and her blog is #5 (correction #3) in the top blogs, #5 in growing blogs on WP blogs of the day!

That is a lot! Great going!

Starlets showing off their crotches when the get out of limos, well that sounds a bit desperate and just plain weird. Meanwhile, you have to remember that Paris Hilton had a porn tape out last year. Also, it gives a very bad example to our youngsters. Some of my wife’s students, back in Canada, would have thongs showing and very revealing clothing.

BTW, this post is a perfect example of a viral post in a viral wave of traffic.

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41 responses to “Britney’s Crotch Shot Mania”

  1. coldlight Avatar

    yeah it’s a sad state of affairs. coincidence that you used long exposure photos? blah.

  2. range Avatar

    Probably, since most of my best shots are long exposures. And since I only recently got access to all of my photos again, I take the habit of showcasing my best bits.

  3. Viral Waves Of Britney Traffic « memoirs on a rainy day Avatar

    […] Vlogs « Britney’s Crotch Shot Mania […]

  4. Britney’s Crotch Takes Web by Storm « Hard Drive Life Avatar

    […] Also, blogs like Perez Hilton (appropriately named!) and Memoirs on a Rainy Day have examined the Brit commando trend, and the traffic spike bloggers are receiving. […]

  5. shelbycockrell Avatar

    I agree with Perez, they’re doing it all for attention. Isn’t that gross? Lindsay Lohan will do anything for attention–wear a sober button, act like she slits her wrists, get her bag “stolen”, show her boobs, show her crotch, start crying, throw drinks.. whatever it takes, she’s got no limits.

  6. Final Numbers On Britney Post For The 30th Of November « memoirs on a rainy day Avatar

    […] For my post, I had about 5000 hits yesterday. Of those, 3900 were for my post intitled Britney’s Crotch Shot Mania. […]

  7. David Raho Avatar

    Media attention from showing your crotch – pretty low class. I think that this reflects the lowering standards in photojournalism and celebrity behaviour. When I used to be a photojournalist in the 1980s there was widespread peer pressure not to do panty shots, down blouse or upskirts as it was seen as degrading to women and extremely unprofessional and exploitative.

    Unfortunately the present trend is for celebrities to deliberately encourage such photographs of themselves whilst behaving badly. However we have made celebrities out of some fairly dysfunctional people so we need to shoulder some blame for this phenomenon too. The publics appetite for soft porn and salaciousness is as alive and well now as it has always been.

    I am now an primary school teacher (kids in my class are 9/10 year olds) and I know for a fact that quite young children find these photographs amusing and interesting and in some cases want to copy their idols. This is very worrying indeed and could place some youngsters at increased risk of harm. Do we really want these kind of people as role models for our kids?

  8. raincoaster Avatar

    Paris’s porn video was from two years ago.

    But a rising skirt lifts all boats. I have a several month-old post of pictures of actual beavers swimming around, which I jokingly named Beaver Shots. It’s one of the Top Posts right now; it’s gone viral as a joke!

  9. range Avatar

    David Raho: Standards have always been somewhat low when it comes to paparazzi. I find the whole thing a bit degrading for Britney herself. Then again, this comes with fame. It might me like a fame addiction, once you are famous and slowly become unfamous or infamous, you always want to go back to that same feeling again.

    The cult of the Hollywood celebrities is definitely overblown. Most of the gossip rags have been replaced or outscooped now by online versions, like Perez Hilton and Jaded Youth.

    I am an ESL teacher right now in Taiwan and my kids who are about the same age as yours are relatively insulated from such things. They play a lot of videogames and watch movies, but in all, they are not fascinated by Britney Spears. In fact, not all of them know that many American celebrities.

    raincoaster: You caught on about the viralness, if you would allow me to use such a term, of these posts. There was a very specific reason why I posted this on my blog. I have had some past experience with viral waves of traffic.

  10. range Avatar

    Part of this is that the new media is online media and most of them aren’t constrained by any type of edition. It has produced blog reporters that can cover wars and conflicts and interesting facts as well as gossip blogs who aren’t afraid to give all of the details of the people they cover.

    It has freed the media. YouTube, blogs and web 2.0, user defined news. Good or bad, we have to live with the state of the blogosphere.

  11. David Raho Avatar

    Hi Range
    I am not so far away from you in Okinawa Japan but there are some big cultural differences. There are considerable worries here about underage sex and teen prostitution. It is not helped by the cult of the cute schoolgirl that is rife in all forms of media including that produced for teenagers. I think perhaps the kids here in Okinawa have a little more exposure to American/Western culture and celebrities -perhaps more than other kids in Japan and the Far East- for a number of social and political reasons (including the presence here of large numbers of US military folks and their families – unlike in Taiwan). However, I think the trend amongst Asian celebrities is going in the same direction, i.e., exhibitionism and sexual explicitness.

    I am glad to hear your kids are still relatively insulated (that’s the way it should be). I didn’t see the same problems when I was in Taiwan or in Hong Kong for that matter. I agree with you about the video games but pop stars (Britney, Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, The Cheetah Girls) and cartoon characters (Dragon ball Z, Pokemon, Power puff Girls) seem to come before movies unless they are cartoons. Trends here however do tend to spread to neighbouring countries so maybe in a year or so you will be seeing the same kind of interest in inappropriate stuff in Taiwan. I really hope that this is not the case though as it raises age inappropriate questions and a multitude of other problems for young people and their parents.

    Good Luck in Taiwan

  12. cheesebubble Avatar

    Wow. We’ve hit an all time low when I have to see pictures of a washed up dead beat mom’s shaved clam. The kids will be so proud, Britney! Class act all the way.

  13. range Avatar

    Hey, well another teacher in the East. Yes, Mandarin seems to isolate most of the kids here. I can see how it would be a problem in Japan.

    With the internet I can also see how some young kids will want to emulate their idols. But flashing their private parts? Needless to say the stars do not set a good example for the kids.

    So, the big question, are you an expat?

    I feel like there are a wealth of opportunities here in Asia, that aren’t present in America. I could never teach in Canada without going back to school. Here, the universities will give me grants and scholarship to study.

  14. David Raho Avatar

    I’m a Brit expat. Loads of opportunities. Stick around.

  15. range Avatar

    That’s cool. Right now, we are only in our 4th month in Taiwan, so considering ourselves expat is a bit of a leap. However, we plan on continuing living in Taiwan for the foreseeable future, since the cost of living is so cheap. I am here with my wife from Canada.

  16. raincoaster Avatar

    I don’t think Britney’s shaved; I think she’s waxed. But whatever. Apparently my post is #3 on google for “beaver shots.” Mother would be so proud.

  17. ayrcampusjournalism Avatar

    I hope it catches on.

    We as a planet deserve “Celebrity Porn Star”, the new reality show in which former news readers and American Idol runners-up engage in eye-watering DP’s.

    “I’m doing it for the kids who dream of being a star” said Oliver North.

  18. andres Avatar

    as i said in your wife’s blog…
    why not just pose for playboy? it’s virtually the same thing, but with more “class” and better publicity, not too mention better looking photos and you get paid… a lot

  19. range Avatar

    Well, it would have more class but she would have to commit herself to actually showing herself naked to America. Just pretending to show her crotch without really meaning to is something less of a leap I think and is attention seeking as well as instant gratification, which most of these celebs crave like heroin addicts hurting for a hit.

    I like that analogy, I don’t know any heroin addicts, I just liked the sound of that.

  20. range Avatar

    raincoaster: How are your hits for that post? How many have you gotten and when did you post it? Just doind some research on memetics.

  21. range Avatar

    Scratch that, I just looked at your post. Beaver shots! Mom would be proud indeed. The Unwisdom Of Crowds comes to mind.

  22. range Avatar

    Wondering why your comment isn’t here on The Memoirs? That is because I deleted. As said in our disclaimer and copyright notice, we reserve the right to delete and edit comments we deem inappropriate, hateful or uncalled for. For therapeutic ways of dealing with this, I suggest you read Mr Angry’s post on the subject
    All comments are moderated.

  23. David Raho Avatar

    Hi Range

    I am enjoying it so far. Other half is from over here so it is easier when we moved over nearly 18 months ago. Kids now 5 and 6 learned Japanese in 6 months and attend local schools without too many problems. Worth coming here for that reason alone. The local expat bar here is run by a couple of very personable Canadian guys. This is the place to go to catch up on news, party and even get a job. Don’t hesitate to pop over anytime for a beer (you can even come by boat). The International Youth Hostel here has reasonable rates for single or family rooms or you can find bargains online.


  24. range Avatar

    Hey David.
    How are the teaching jobs, the pay and the cost of living compared to taiwan?

  25. monkeegrl Avatar

    omg, britney spears is stupid, same with linsay lohan!

  26. New Viral Waves Of Britney Traffic, An Update On December 2nd « memoirs on a rainy day Avatar

    […] I don’t know what to say. As you might have guessed, the numbers for my post on Britney Spears went differently than expected. I expected the interest and hits to slowly die down, like a normal bell curve. This is what usually happens. It happened to my wife’s post. Since my post was published nearly 24 hours later, in response to the hilarity and idiocy of these crotch shots, I didn’t expect much of a response. […]

  27. Laboratorian Avatar

    I have been trying to plum the depths of this “crotch shot mania”. And this is coming from a guy who practices sex magick, self-flaggelates, and smears his blood on idols. But despite what any higher or darker powers have told me, none has yet to reveal how it is that a single shorn vagina causes so much excitement… um, it’s not exactly like it’s the first time you’ve seen one, is it?
    Call me old-fashioned but if you want my attention all you have to do is look at me sideways. Speaking of which, it’s time for me to hit the bottle and pull on the leather. But I think the lesson is self-explanatory–Use the word “crotch” and “shot” and get some traffic to your site.
    These are the words: “Crotch Shot Mania is a Mystery That Answers Itself. CASH IN NOW!!!”

  28. slayerboy Avatar

    I have never been a fan of keeping track of what the stars do. I certainly don’t think a majority of these “women” in Hollywood are very pretty at all.

    Get it straight girls, most guys prefer a body AND a brain. Preferably a brain that tells you that whoring yourself out is a turn off to most guys.

    Or am I the only one who thinks this and most guys actually love seeing this stuff?

  29. lakman Avatar

    in truth beauty is not shown in physical form but actually it is the virtue , so if the women is same as outside to inside ,it means she is beautiful

  30. raincoaster Avatar

    Britney’s not that dumb, nor is Lohan, nor are their publicists. They don’t need money, they need to stoke the furnace of fame, and you get FAR more famous being on a million websites than you do being photographed for Playboy, which won’t come out for months and months anyway.

    Beaver shots: 899 hits yesterday, 535 today so far (9 hours into the day), posted August 1st.

  31. David Raho Avatar

    Hi Range

    It is getting slightly surreal here. We are having his pleasant natter about the cost of living and our kids etc. and all these other people are talking about Britney Spears crotch, Beavers (cute furry thing that makes dams I expect)leather and the like. What an mix. Well each to their own.

    In answer to your questions. The teaching jobs in Okinawa are not as numerous as in the big cities but there are enough to go around. You can usually get yourself fixed up fairly speedily. The pay is around the same as Taiwan. The cost of living is about the same. Lots of opportunities to do work on the side. Mind you there is not a lot in it. Okinawa is a tourist destination for those wanting a great time from mainland Japan. It gets seriously fun in the summer time. A lot of Taiwanese people of all ages come here on holiday and vice versa too.

    Did I just mention having serious fun, getting paid for partying, crotches, Beavers and getting a fix? Must be catching…..

  32. range Avatar

    Yep you did. Maybe we should move this discussion to one of my posts about teaching in Taiwan! 🙂

    Well, that is interesting to know. We are right now exploring our options in Taiwan, seeing what other opportunities we could have. But we have decided to stay in Taiwan for the time being. I still have to learn Mandarin correctly and I like the fact that I can get paid to get another degree.

  33. Ayu Avatar

    I can not say anything, just wonder how come…

  34. nancy3000 Avatar

    Starlets showing off their crotches when the get out of limos, well that sounds a bit desperate and just plain weird. Meanwhile, you have to remember that Paris Hilton had a porn tape out last year.

  35. nancy3000 Avatar

    ok good

  36. Edseverripit Avatar

    Britney, Britney, Britney… How the “mighty” hath fallen… It’s funny how “pure” people can get stained in the world that is Fame and Hollywood 😛

  37. sarahtowny Avatar

    As far as I am concerned, as long as she does not sing, she can do what she likes :0)

  38. Disgusted Avatar

    Britney is a Skank (note the capital S).
    She bangs K-flop and falls in love with her first orgasm, marries it and her stock drops by 70% pops out a tot and her stock drops another 10% (now it’s just another worn out playground, scarred as a bonus) then, whoa! another tot drops another 10% leaving her stock worth down 90% from what it once was. (admit it, she was keyword “was” hot, you’d have done her) So now her value is about 10%. The way I see it, the only thing that may notice I say “may” bring her back another 40-50% is going from popstar to porn queen. unless of course, she keeps showing us for free then it’s down another 10% leaving her non-value added. Britt, either close them or open them all the way up. The indecision and bald, scarred cootch peeks are nasty. (nasty in the “old school” definition)

  39. Stiletto Girl Avatar
    Stiletto Girl

    This is very bad marketing for Britney, that is all I have to say. Well, not really. Getting married and having two babies was the beginning. She needs better business and marketing advisors. I could care less about the moral assumptions based on her erratic behavior.

  40. Stiletto Girl Avatar

    Britney & Co may not be an ideal role model for children but if your daughters start acting up, I’d say bad parenting is really the culprit.

  41. […] Brittany gets most of the buzz on this, but the whole unholy trinity of Lohan, Spears & Hilton are going “commando”.  So the camera people photographing them getting in and out of cars get a shot of their privates.  Depending on how short the skirt you may get a few glimpses in the club, restuarant etc.  Why? […]

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