Final Numbers On Britney Post For The 30th Of November

Taken on the way to the Plaines D’Abraham in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada on the night of the Fête St-Jean-Baptiste. Taken on the 23rd of June 2006 with a Sony Cybershot DSC-P93 5.1MP camera.

Well, after a good night’s sleep, we came back this morning and checked our blogs before starting our day at work.

My wife’s blog as well as her post did very well. She had about 16000 hits yesterday. Of those, 13500 were for her post intitled Britney Shows It Off. Her blog’s total views are at 19025.

For my post, I had about 5000 hits yesterday. Of those, 3900 were for my post intitled Britney’s Crotch Shot Mania.

Both post spent some time as the #1 posts on

Here are my referrers for yesterday.

Referrer Views… 647… 367… 33 26 21

Most of my visits came directly from memediggers.

Here are my wife’s.

Referrer Views… 134 31… 20… 18 13

Contrary to my post, a lot of people saw her post thanks to search engines. She was spidered a day earlier than me by google. Here are the search engine terms that people have used to find her blog.


Search Views
britney\’s crotch shots 756
t 174
britney’s private parts 87
Britney’s crotch shots 54
britney’s crotch flash 39


Search Views
Britney\’s Crotch Shots 121
t 16
Britney’s private parts 11
britney’s crotch photos 9
britney’s crotch shot photo 8

On my blog, the numbers of people finding the blog through search engines is quite limited. I had a total of 30 hits from Britney searches on search engines.

As the day starts a new, I am just rapidly checking the numbers for the first few minutes of the 1st of December. It seems that the flow of her traffic is about 15 to 25% higher than mine. But that gap is getting smaller minute by minute. In a few days, I am sure that I will never be able to surpass her total views for her post, because of the time that she posted hers. She posted hers a full day before I posted mine.

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4 thoughts on “Final Numbers On Britney Post For The 30th Of November”

  1. Yeah, the last time I had such a response was when I posted an article about HDR photography, back in August I think. My wife got a lot of attention with her post. I have more views than her today, but that is still 35% of the views she has had since the beginning of all this.
    Most of the people visiting my blog have found me through memediggers. For my wife’s, it’s search engine terms.

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