Viral Waves Of Britney Traffic

Right now I am sitting in front of my screen, with a scarf around my neck and using some Vicks vaporub. Yesterday, I got a mean cough from a combination of factors. Pollution, asthma, a cold and and any number of other things. I’ll probably be doing a lot better over the weekend. Taking it easy.

* * * * *

My wife’s blog is doing great. She has at last count had 8143 visitors today and 1811 yesterday due to her post on Britney Spears and her crotch shots. The Memoirs have a companion piece to hers.

It reminds me of my posts on HDR photography. One of my posts got hit by a viral wave of traffic and generated a lot of hits because it got picked up by and reddit.

Writing viral posts can generate a lot of interest and expose your blog to new readers.

My post has gotten about 1066 visits in 8 hours. There are still 16 hours left before the end of the day.

* * * * *

Yesterday’s scooter drive to work was pleasant. I gunned the engine on the streets. I slowed down in the corners because the ground was still wet from the rain. But I must have hit 65-70KMH. The scooter itself is about 10 years old. The suspension isn’t the best, and it’s a bit wobbly, but it’s holding up.

Part of me wants to get a Darth Vader gas mask to make sure to protect my lungs from the pollution. I have seen some interesting masks that would work, but they wouldn’t fit underneath a full helmet. The parents of one of my students that I teach privately is a doctor and he gave me some masks. It was very kind of him because I wouldn’t know exactly where to get one. I think probably a pharmacy, but I haven’t got a lot of spare time during the week to run errands.

* * * * *

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