How Gay Are You? Pretty Damn Much!

Minghu Rd. right next to the corner where the Lakeshore hotel is located. Too bad this picture is badly framed, because the colors are right on the money. It would have been better if the big poster of the Lakeshore would have been included in this shot. Taken on the 18th of December 2006 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm Nikkor lens. This photo is part of the Lakeshore Series 2.

Reflections In The Rain About A Dream, how gay are you?

Anonymous hater.

I am so gay that I am married an plan on having children in the next few years.

I am so gay that my blog gets 2000 hits per day.

I am so gay that I am living in Taiwan trying to understand the ladyboys.

Ah haters, will they never learn?

This racist hater who posted a comment on how the new James Bond movie was the most prejudiced movie he had ever seen (prejudiced against causasians), tried to reply again to my edited comment of his. I mean come on, doesn’t it give you a hint that I didn’t allow any racist slurs on my blog? Did you have to try again to  justify your hate? I debated with myself a lot before I allowed his first comment.

Since I do know about memetics (study of viral nature of some ideas), I am somewhat leery of allowing any sort of hateful comments on my blog.

* * * * *

I hate how some people always have to be the center of attention. I know of one particular example. I don’t mean children, it is normal for children to crave the attention that they are not getting at home elsewhere. It’s also like some Taiwanese people will refer to themselves as Canadians, South Africans or Americans if they have studied there. That is completely ridiculous. It is the same for some foreign teachers, who aren’t really foreign, just that they would like to be. Foreign teachers who can barely speak English. This happens a lot in Taiwan. The saying “the blind leading the blind” comes to mind.

If you are constantly late to your classes, well that is another problem. I know that this wouldn’t fly at the elementary school.

* * * * *

A few people are missing at work today and the school is scrambling to cover their classes. Today is a good day for me. I am pretty tired considering that I took photos last night and tutored. I wonder if I will have time to take pictures before dusk tonight. Since I finish at 5 PM, it is always 5:10 PM when we arrive. Dawn and dusk, to key periods when to take pictures.

When  I got my camera, I got myself a National Geographic Earth Explorer Medium Shoulder Bag. I thought it was a good idea to get a good bag. It isn’t the best bag to protect your gear, but it doesn’t really look like a camera bag, so my guess is that it has less of a chance of being nicked. It is quite sturdy and well made, there all these interesting details on it. The bag has enough room for a camera body, 2 lenses, a small laptop, cellphones, PDAs, mp3 players and other small stuff. The inside has modular bays, so that you can adjust it to your optimal space.

This is a cool backpack I wouldn’t mind having. It can also stow most of your camera gear, as well as a tripod and also a lot of other things. The whole top part has room for a multitude of things.

Here is what I mean:

The whole purchase took about 15 minutes, most of this time was spent waiting for the salesperson to bring me the right compact flash card. One thing though, there is no way to return your merchandise once you have gotten it. The argument is that you have used it by opening it so that they can not and will not take it back, so be careful, all purchases are final.

I think that I will have no problems taking 2000 photos on Friday, it is the Christmas concert. The trouble is that will they be worthwhile? Probably not, but I will snap away dressed up as Santa.

All of the teachers are busy repeating their musical numbers for the Christmas concert. Since I am dressing up as Santa Claus, I have none of those troubles.

I got two periods left before ending my day.

* * * * *

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5 thoughts on “How Gay Are You? Pretty Damn Much!”

  1. Wow, what a baggie! You can really go camping or road-tripping with this thing 🙂 or go to the beach 😛 Anonymous people’s comments should be regarded as meaningless spam. They stay faceless because they’re afraid of revealing who they truly are 🙂

  2. Well, let’s just say that they did reveal who they were, but I didn’t really give a rat’s ass about who they were. Probably some alias.

    Spammers need to die!
    Just kidding.
    Maybe not.

  3. Yeah that bag totally rocks. I will get in a few months. I doesn’t look too full when it is empty. Some bags are rigid and look full all the time.

  4. Well bags can not be helped if you are lugging a DSLR camera around. Just having the camera without a bag, you would nick and scratch it easily.

    To go to work, I always have a book bag. I haven’t yet used my new bag for this purpose, but it could suited for this as well.

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