The Ambassador Series 1

Frontal view of the Ambassador, with an eerie sky welcoming me.


All photos in the Ambassador Series 1 were taken with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm Nikkor lens on the 20th of December 2006. The Ambassador is a five star hotel in Hsinchu Taiwan. Settings: ISO 1600, Long Exp NR on, High ISO NR on.


I went out to shoot some photos after having tutored. It was quite funny, because right before I left, the father of the student told me that his wife made him buy a new better camera. I asked him what he had gotten. He told me a Canon 30D with one of those NR lenses that are so nifty. I told me that I had gotten a camera too last week and showed it to him because I was heading out to the Ambassador hotel to take some photos.

City street view right in front of the hotel on Zhonghua Rd. Sec.2.

I gave him the one tip that has helped me this year, try and taking multiple photos of the same thing. That way if one of those pictures is out of focus, you still have a few more left.

Two photos taken shortly after one another with different skies.

When I arrived at the Ambassador, it was almost 9:20PM. I took the time to find a parking spot for my scooter, and started photographing. The building is quite huge, an imposing sight in Hsinchu.

Skewed view of the top part of the building.

I took about 158 photos yesterday. I am still uploading part of my photos from the night before. In my opinion, there are at least 150 photos left to upload. I hope that they will be uploaded today. I find that sometimes jUploadr doesn’t want to upload some pictures. It takes a few tries for the software to do so. It’s not like I have hit my monthly limit, I still have 1.6GB left for the rest of the month. Funny, because 4GB seemed so much before, now I am actually concerned that I will be hitting my limit soon.

Taken from across the street, in between the two opposing lanes of traffic.

The grandeur of the building.

A view from in front of the Ambassador down Zhonghua Rd. Sec. 2.

Another few eerie views of the building.

* * * * *

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3 responses to “The Ambassador Series 1”

  1. Mr Angry Avatar

    Those “from the bottom looking up” shots make me think that place would swallow your soul if you went inside.

  2. Grouchiness Incorporated « memoirs on a rainy day Avatar

    […] Vlogs « The Ambassador Series 1 […]

  3. range Avatar

    It does look a bit evil. Quite evil, the building is reddish during the day, but the lighting and the high ISO of these shots brings out another side to it! It’s like a demon’s monolith or something like that.

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