Hella-Day Or How Friday Was A Very Long Day


Another shot of St-Ambroise street during the night in Montreal, Canada. Taken on the 17th of June 2006 with a Sony Cybershot DSC-93 5.1 MP camera. Part of the Nightshoot series.

I spent most of the day yesterdays watching the kids or watching the kids rehearse their numbers for the Christmas concert. I spent the morning watching the Kindergarten kids dance their numbers. During the afternoon, the 4th graders only had partial periods with me, so I decided to give them some time off, since they were all going a bit nutty.

It was 3 PM and I was a bit over tired. Actually I was so tired that I took a 30 minute nap during the lunch break. It did some good but not enough to completely wake me up for the long day ahead. I took a break when the big rehearsal started and got some coffee, energy drinks and an ice cream cone, even if it wasn’t that hot outside.

All of this did some good because I was totally woken up by the way I came back to the school. I had taken my camera and I was looking forward to taking a lot of pictures during the next few hours to make up for the suckiness of it all. Naturally, I got tagged to be a Santa Claus. I was pretty stoked to find out that was the easiest job ahead.

I spent the next few hours going around and helping out and taking pictures. When it turned 5 PM, it was time to eat. The staff decided to send out for pizza. That did us some good. After that, I got dressed up as Santa Claus and walking around the school. The kids loved it and recognized me instantly since there aren’t that many brown Santas around. The beard kept getting into my mouth. I did my thing and then the show started. I got some interesting photos of the school before they switched off the lights.

The show started and I had a lot of trouble taking pictures of the stage because the lights were so bright. I consoled myself by taking pictures around the stage and got some good ones. In total, I took around 975 photos. Of that number, I have already deleted half of them because they were either too blurry or overexposed. My limit of my zooomr account is almost maxed out, I got 400 MB out of 4GB left! I’m still waiting to upload the most interesting ones or all of them. Let’s see, I could upload around 100 photos, which is a quarter of the pics I have of that night. It doesn’t really matter that much, since most of them were taken inside the school and a fraction of them are worthwhile to upload in my opinion.

I got a few good shots in total. I was happy to be able to take some good shots of my students.

Today, my wife made her way to the NTNU library in Taipei to continue her research for her Phd. I took the day completely off, recuperating and catching up on some sleep.

* * * * *

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