The Power Of Blogs Or The Christmas Concert Series

Me dressing up as Santa Claus for the Christmas concert. I got some good responses from the kids.


All photos taken with a  Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm Nikkor lens on the 22nd of December 2006. Settings: ISO 100, 300, 1000, 1600, Long Exp NR on, High ISO NR on, Shooting Mode P. All photos are part of the Christmas Concert Series.


So my dilemma was solved very quickly by the guys from Zooomr. By dilemma, I mean impasse. And by guys from Zooomt, I mean Kristopher Tate, the founder of Zooomr. Kristopher Tate actually left a comment on my post. Basically he said, you got a problem with the upload limit? I’ll just reset your quota right away.

Merry Christmas from me in Taiwan!

Our school, seen from down the hill.

Lights and trees in the night.

A floating gate that was positioned in the school’s entrance for the night. Looks eerie.

Another view of the gate, looks like it is out of a dream.

The kindergarten building. 

A view onto the main school building.

A view down from the school.

The inside of the school. 

The foreign teachers repeating their number. 

Claire dressed up as a reindeer for the reindeer dance that they were performing.

Problem solved.

Eddie’s mom taking a picture of her other child, Debbie right after she got off stage.

Within minutes of sending an email back to him, he had reset my upload limit.

Sydney, the top student in my grade 4 class. 

Sydney getting pictures taken from more than one side; Cronos, her dad, is using his new camera as well from another side. I used his flash to get an interesting picture of her while he was taking his own picture. 

Sydney and Vivian, number 1 and 2 students from my grade 4 class.

Does this level of service surprise you? It surprised me!

A baby girl that I managed not to make cry while wearing my Santa suit.

It’s just another reason why I like Zooomr better than flickr. Would I get this from flickr when their upload limit was 2GB a few months back? Nope.

Golf looking a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. Mimi and Judy (left and right) are in the background. All of them are in my Kindergarten class.

Also, could I have gotten this level of service before the existence of blogs? Maybe.

More of foreign teachers rehearsing their number.

The wife looking onto me in a Santa suit, behind her a grade 6 student named Angel, who’s younger sister I teach. Yvonne, the dance teacher, is looking onto the stage, in the far right corner. The arts teacher Betty is in the far left corner. 

Probably not.

Allen’s mom taking a picture of him before he goes onto the stage.

The school quire awaiting patiently their turn on stage.

The only two things I did was write about it on my blog, comment on it on the official blog and also send a trackback from my post to the official blog.

Annie, or as most people call her, Nini, seconds before dancing on stage.

That’s it.

Emily in the left and Chloé in the right saying hi. Auther in the back.

No email, nada.

A series of photos of Chloé, one of my students.

Just a post.

Claire from the Kindergarten loving the stage.


Yvonne and Amy after their performance, relieved.

Response within hours fromt he CTO.

A few shots of the light sticks that everybody had gotten when coming into the school.

Quite a thing, blogs.

Another baby girl. I made this one cry after she saw me in the Santa suit.

Claire from Kindergarten giving a dazzling smile to the camera.

They are offline and online at the same time.

One of my students Cara in a good series of photos. 

Online because they are on the web.

Rosy and Aileen delighted to see me in a Santa suit. 

Offline because all communications can be done offline, just like emails and unlike IM.

IM is in real time. Blogs aren’t in real time.

* * * * *

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Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

9 thoughts on “The Power Of Blogs Or The Christmas Concert Series”

  1. G’day range and wife 🙂 Looks like you both had a wonderful evening. I love the black eyebrows in stark contrast with the red and white. Nice!

    You are making me consider Zoomr more and more.

    They are offline and online at the same time.

    I do understand that.

    And on personal note –

    I hope you are both ok after the earthquake. I have been thinking of you both and will light a candle for you both here in my home.


  2. Ok, I’ll edit that!
    Earthquake? Yeah I knew about that!
    I was listening to music, and I thought that it was my subwoofer, when really it was the earth moving. Wasn’t anything crazy, just a bit of shaking all around.

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