A Night Off Of Sorts

I continue with my obsession of the Sogo building in Hsinchu Taiwan, taken on the 30th of December 2006, with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm Nikkor lens. It is so white and clean, in a town where mosts tall buildings are marked by pollution, it is almost immaculate. Part of the VT Art Salon Bonanza Series.

So yesterday was a great day for some writing. I actually wrote 1500 words on my story Galactic Rim. I was very happy with myself that I was able to get back into it. As mentioned yesterday, I plan on working on a few stories over the next few days and publish them.

Tonight my only task is to drive the wife to some private teaching after work and rest a bit. I will probably continue writing. Yesterday after I got home from work, I munched on a few fruits before heading out to tutor one of my private students. She is doing very well. I stopped at the RT Mart on the way back. Stopping at the RT Mart is a bit of a problem since I had to drive almost across town to get there. But I did pick up some steaks and essentials, including what I believe is orange pekoe tea, or the closest that I could find.

It’s called black ceylon tea. It’s not bad and cost me 85 NTD, about 2 USD. I had trouble falling asleep, since I only came back home at 10 PM, it took me a while to do so. The wife was sound asleep, or at least it seemed to me. I had an incredible dilemma. I was hungry. I had only eaten some grill cheeses and some fruits. I expected to be back a lot sooner and I thought that I would be able to prepare the salmon at least, but it didn’t turn out that way. I started watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special and then headed into Spooks. It was well past midnight when I realized how hungry I was. Since we live in a very small studio, it is hard to eat something and not wake the other person up. I tried to be very quiet and started cooking a steak. My wife got woken up when I served myself and made a racket without really wanting to. She took it in a good way, at least she wasn’t grumpy about it.

* * * * *

Yesterday night, the uploads of my photos was somehow stopped and I had to manually sort through the photos to find the ones that were missing. I am quite sure though that since then I have uploaded photos in double.


Zooomr smartsets only support 175 photos per set. This is a bit of a pain for me, because now I have gone through all those photos, to select the 200 or so that I thought that hadn’t uploaded, only to realise later on that 175 is the max number of photos per set!

Doesn’t really matter, but I do hope that in the next edition of Zooomr they make the limit something like 500. People who use the site a lot and who have large quantities of photos might appreciate this a lot.

* * * * *

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