End Of The Week And I Need Some Rest

Downtown Hsinchu, Taiwan, a view from the train station. Things look busy on a Saturday night. Taken with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm Nikkor lens on the 30th of December 2006. Part of the VT Art Salon Bonanza Series.

We came back around 9 PM yesterday and I continued watching a bad movie called Flyboys. It wasn’t very good. I had two extra students in my French class today. I was surprised to see how well my students are doing compared to the newer ones. I no longer need to translate every sentence for them, they understand them by themselves.

I use a combination of grammar, reading, writing and conversation. It works pretty well. I have not found French lessons plans that I liked.

* * * * *

It looks like our dog Spike is running into trouble again. It seems that he has gotten hernias and has gotten aggressive towards the foster owners’ dog. He needs his hernias fixed. The vet wants to neuter him as well. I have always wanted to keep Spike as a breeding dog, but it might be more practical to have him neutered as well. I don’t know. I am no longer categorically against it, but the dog situation needs to be fixed. Ideally, I don’t want him fixed. This situation isn’t too bad, but it adds even more stress.

* * * * *

The day is almost over, but there is still more things to do. I have to go to meet someone for my classes. I have to drive my wife to the doctor and back. Hopefully I will be home again by 7 PM. It has been a long day.

I got about 4 slices of one of my students’ birthday cake. It was pretty good. I am a bit worried about Spike, but looks like he needs that operation. I will decide over the weekend if he will be neutered. I am leaning towards a no on that part, but there is talk that the vet might take him for the next few months if he is. That is something I need to consider. Otherwise, it will be 80 days in a kennel, which is about 1600$ Can, 45000NTD. I just hope that in the end he doesn’t end up too changed by the lack of hormones in his blood.

He is about 3 months away from me right now.

* * * * *

I have to do some writing over the weekend. Since I got a good approximation of my orange pekoe tea, there shouldn’t be any problems with that any more. I am thinking about also going to the Science Park in Hsinchu and taking some photos of the giant buildings. There must be a ton of lights there.

The High Speed Rail has started finally in Taiwan. I know that for the next few days, the tickets are 50% off, so I might buy a few to go to Taipei. It looks like I will have to spend a lot of Saturdays in Taipei working.

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

3 thoughts on “End Of The Week And I Need Some Rest”

  1. What kind of dog is Spike? Any pics? We have a dog (chocolate lab) that we imported from Australia – no quarantine, because there’s no rabies in Oz. I’m a strong believer in neutering dogs, but that’s a personal decision that every owner has to make.

  2. Hey Maoman!

    Our dog is a French Bulldog, a very small minitiarue bulldog. I will post some pics on my next post today. Normally, he is very affectionate. Supposedly, his hernias are hurting him. I am seriously considering to have him neutered, it’s a shame because he is a fomr a line championship dogs and I wanted to keep him like he was to breed him a bit later on.

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