I’m Well Into Sunday, But It Seems The Weekend Is Almost Over Or The Spike-O-Rama Post


The Hsinchu train station. Taken with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm Nikkor lens on the 30th of December 2006. Part of the VT Art Salon Bonanza Series. 

We still have to talk to the vet who is going to take care of Spike’s hernias. I still haven’t decided if he is going to get neutered. He is a cutie and I want him to stay the same.

Spike our Frenchie, taken in Spring 2006. He is quite small, but weighs 25 pounds.

He is from a line of championship French Bulldogs. Frenchies are companion dogs and love to be with the same person all the time. They are great with other dogs and kids. Spike was the dominant dog of his litter. This has never been a problem for me, because I trained him in accordance. I let him know that I was the boss. But since September, different people have been taking care of him. The latest family had him for a month. His hernias need to be taken care of and the vet wants to neuter him as well. In my opinion, I do not want him to be neutered. He is only a few months away from coming over to Taiwan and I want him to stay the same as before. Even if he comes over a bit more aggressive than before, this is something I can weed out of him in time without any problems.

Spike wondering why I put him on the newspapers on the desk. He isn’t allowed on this.

However, if I neuter him there is a good chance that the vet will take him for the next few months. This is a definite plus, because he will need his rabies titles and certificates of international good health before he can be shipped over to Taiwan. We will know in a few days.

Spike relaxing between my legs and me snapping a picture of him.

We got some bad news for our travel plans, it looks like our in-laws will not be coming to Thailand with us because of the travel advisory that was issued by the Canadian government not to go to Thailand. It looks like my wife and I will go by ourselves.

Spike wondering what that flashy thing is that keeps flashing at him.

On Friday evening, after a meeting I had downtown, we went to the Lakeshore buffet and ate a lot of food. My wife has this arrangement with her health club, which is in the Lakeshore. She needs to spend 2000 NTD each month in a restaurant. I have to say that the food was great. I ate a lot of raw red tuna, grilled venison fillet and some salad. We ended it all with some coffee and some deserts. I was completely stuffed. Very good food.

I got up quite late on Saturday, since I rarely work on the weekend, I need to catch up on some sleep. I woke up around 11 AM and got my breakie going. We both had a few things to do downtown. My wife was getting a haircut and I was subbing for someone at a language school. I really enjoyed my teaching. It went by pretty quickly. I was teaching 6 adults on conversational English. The guy who I was subbing for told me to do 50% of the book and 50% improvised lesson. It was a good lesson, since they had already learned most of the basics.

We then went to the RT Mart to get some meat. On Saturdays, the RT Mart is full of people. I hate it. I just wanted to go in and out, but my wife wanted to get a few things and more than once she disappeared from view of the shopping cart. I told her to be careful, because of how many people were here. I might loose her. She had her own opinions and voila, I lost her again and didn’t find her. I checked out my food and went to the scooter, hoping that she had gone there. Of course not. I waited for ten minutes and then checked my food into the return items cashier and got a tag. I went looking for my wife and found her going around the dairy aisle. We then proceeded to drive home.

I had gotten an headache and decided to go to sleep for a few hours.

* * * * *

On Friday night, I stopped at a Family Mart to pay our powerbill. I had almost forgotten, but it was taken care off pretty easily. I bought myself an LED flashlight. It is a pretty cool gizmo that I plan on using with my photography. It has two functions. Ambient light and focused light. Very small. I really like it but I need to get myself one of those multi LED flashlights. I have seen some with 7 LEDs about the same size as mine. I will check this out later on in the week. LED flashlights can be very cool when used with long exposures shots to give them a different ambience.

* * * * *

On Saturday night, I got up at around 9PM. I still had a headache and I needed some ibuprofen to take care of it. My wife went to the Family Mart and couldn’t find any. So I got dressed and drove to the pharmacy, which was open until 11 PM. I got some meds and drove back. I took them and ate a few bites. For some reason, I was feeling very cold. I dressed up in bed but still felt cold. I remember feeling this way only a few times in my life. Food poisoning. I must have eaten something bad along the way, either the day before or during the day.

I quickly made my way toward the bathroom as I felt a gagging reflex taking hold. I made it to the toilet bowl and blew some chunks. Really disgusting I have to say, because puking from food poison is almost a violent affair. The things need to come out of your body. After a few minutes, it had stopped and I was feeling a lot better. No more coldness, the headache was getting better. I drank some tea and went to bed.

* * * * *

I got up around 10 AM this morning and was feeling pretty good, other than a telltale headache from sleeping a bit too much, which I knew would clear up in the following hours without any meds. I made myself some tea, since I had gotten some the day before and thought about all the strange dreams I had last night, most amazingly involving a team of Batmen taking care of business in the future.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

2 thoughts on “I’m Well Into Sunday, But It Seems The Weekend Is Almost Over Or The Spike-O-Rama Post”

  1. Spike is a cutie. Hernias – awah. One of my friends had a hernia for monthes. The doctor said to him “Just come in when it gets to bad and we’ll fix it”. My friend has fear of surgery. He was so silly about it. He couldn’t lift anything for months, lost all this weight. Finally all of us friends were like go to the hospital. He goes. After the surgery he was like WOW I can poop every day now, do you?

    We all laughed. The hernia had been blocking and shutting down his bowells somehow. Men and their balls, globes and orbs. 😉

    I hope your little furry one will be ok. I’m sure he’ll be fine once he is back sitting beside you on the computer desk 🙂

    cheers range!

  2. Thanks Jess.
    I hope so to. We are asking the vets advice, but I still want to have him not neutered. He is a championship dog from a great line. Because of import regulations, we might have to buy our new Frenchie from Australia instead of Canada.

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