Freezing In Taiwan

A view to a spooky building off a rooftop in Hsinchu, Taiwan.  Taken on the 31st of December with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm Nikkor lens. Part of The Ghost City Series.

One thing I never imagined would happen was us Canucks or Quebecers freezing our asses off in Taiwan. It isn’t that cold, but when you are under equipped for cold weather, it doesn’t help. Right now, I am wearing two pairs of socks and three coats. I am wearing a total of 5 layers on my chest. My legs are cold. I am going to have to wear longjohns or a pair of jogging pants underneath my jeans every day until it warms up. I have heard that this will happen only in March. It seems a long way off.

I have a lambs leather coat that would be appropriate for the weather, but it is uncomfortable to wear on a scooter, so I have only worn it once. I think I will wear it tomorrow. We need more tuques, hats and gloves. I need a few more scarves and jogging pants to warm up the lower part of my body.

If I am cold, I can’t imagine how cold my wife must be. I just put on my tuque and pulled my scarf over my mouth and nose. Layering is the key, but we need better layers. I came to Taiwan with 5 or 6 shorts, a few tshirts and my suits. I wear three pair of Diesel jeans each week and all of my cheaper shirts. I wish I had taken all of my sweatshirts and woolen garnments. Instead, we will have to get some new ones here. At least, it’s not going to be too expensive.

It kills me that the Taiwanese persist in keeping all of the windows open when it is freezing and there is no heating in our school. On top of that, our building is an open air concept, so any heat generated will immediately be let out. I have had more than one Chinese teachers open up all of the windows I closed in the staff room, saying something like everybody will get sick if we leave them closed. Meanwhile, people are wearing coats and hats as well as scarves and gloves to keep warm.

* * * * *

We had to run to the bank of Taiwan during lunch hour to send off our money to Taiwan. I have sent part of it to pay for our planetickets to Taiwan. We sent off all of the money for our flights to Thailand. I have sent off around 500 CAD$ to take care of my dog Spike’s operation and care. In the next few months, it will be the time to settle all of my bills that I have still left over from Canada. I hope that by September all will be settled, because believe it or not, coming to Taiwan cost us money. Money for the plane, money to live off for the 1st month, money to take care of all the stupid stuff we didn’t think about. I plan on sending as much of my earnings as I can to finish paying them off as fast as possible.

The one thing thought that I have promised myself is that I would never live again to pay off my bills, which is what we both had been doing for the last few years.

* * * * *

I got hooked on Spooks (BBC) last night. I couldn’t stop watching since it was a cliffhanger episode and I had the next one. This one was really cool. The MI5 team had a spy in their midst and they thought they were dealing with muslim terrorists. The terrorists actually spread disinformation and had MI5 running around like idiots, when Adam realized that this operation didn’t make a lot of sense until he realized that only Israel would gain from the nuclear power plants not being sold to Saudi Arabia, thereby spreading chaos to The Kingdom and forcing the Americans to intervene to secure the oil supplies. The terrorists were actually arab Jews, Yemenites. Mossad agents. You almost pitied them at the end. Only their leader survived and MI5 made sure that everybody forgot that it was an Israeli operation and not a muslim fundamentalist one. The leader was sent to Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay, the US terrorist detention facility in Cuba. Sent in disavowed and to live out his natural life with the people he hated most.

* * * * *

Tonight I am tutoring until 10 PM. It will be a long day. I will have Friday night off this week. At least tonight I am teaching a class of adults, it should be fun.

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

2 thoughts on “Freezing In Taiwan”

  1. Thanks. That is New Year’s Eve for you!

    The lights were just the normal lighting of the place, it wasn’t the fireworks. I find that pictures of fireworks look the same.

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