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One interesting shot I took last year, when I started getting into night photography. This photo was taken on the 19th of July 2006 with a Sony Cybershot DSC-P93 5.1 MP camera. It was taken of the Lachine Canal in St-Henri, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Part of the Nightshoot Series.

David Reid reports on the opening of HSR in Taiwan.

A number of other blogs have written about the upcoming opening. The Bala Daily reports on buying a ticket at Taipei Station. Nostalgiphile links to some articles from the Chinese language press. Michael Turton also has something to say about it.

There is also plenty being written about it in the papers. A good article in the International Herald Tribune details some of the challenges the train faces if it is to be a success.

The officials were expecting sales of 30000 tickets a day. On the first day, they sold over 81000 tickets. And since then, it has been crazy trying to get a ticket through the vending machines and counters. It seems that the HSR might close its trial run before we will be able to take it to Taipei on the weekend of the 20th of January. I am still unsure of this because I have read conflicting reports.

* * * * *

One thing that you notice when driving in Taiwan is that stoplights as well as all traffic signs seem completely optional. One thing is for sure, is that you can not speed through an intersection. Because you might hit someone burning through a light. It is such a contrast to driving in Canada. Whatever are your feelings about scooters, they do rule the roads here.

It is funny how the slowest drivers will always try to get to the front of the line, as much as possible. I like being in front, because it cuts down on the chances of having accidents. You just speed away as fast as possible.

I have actually started burning some red lights myself.


It is just safer.

If there are so many cars waiting for the green light, if there is no oncomming traffic, it make sense just to speed away. But like any driving in Taiwan, especially scootering, you have to be very aware of other drivers.

I have actually seen a Kymco People 150 yesterday. I wouldn’t mind getting the People 250, but I still have my heart set on the Ego 250. Naturally, this is sooner than later, because we use scooters everyday. I find that the shocks are finished on my oldie, and the brakes aren’t the best either.

* * * * *

A view of Ste-Marguerite Str. from St-Ambroise St. This photo was taken on the 19th of July 2006 with a Sony Cybershot DSC-P93 5.1 MP camera. It was taken in St-Henri, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Part of the Nightshoot Series.

I have started teaching adults for the last week. I have an introductory IELTS class (an English exam that all commonwealth member countries’ universities use to see if your English is good enough to study there), in Listening and Speaking. I also have a conversational English class. It is a stark contrast to teaching elementary kids. Sometimes when you ask a group of adults a question, there is just deadpan silence. It got better over the lesson, but it is strange, when in elementary, I actually have to stop some kids from always answering questions in class.

I like it though, it is a different skill set that I have already used a lot before. There is no real classroom management or discipline. That is good, but I do find that I enjoy classroom management. It is like beig a sheriff in your own little town. The people wonder with how much they will get away with. It’s the same in class. There is always a little guy trying to get aways with something.

I find the conversation class a lot more fun, since I can improvise more and have actually been asked to bring my own materials. I have a lot of lessons plans for adults, and I will use this class to try them out.

* * * * *

It is 4:30PM and I have finally finished most of my tasks. All that is left for tomorrow, is to grade the Grammar Practice book from 401. That is 26 copies that are easy to grade.

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