Hooked On The Wire

A building next to the NTNU (National Taiwan Normal University) library in Taipei. Taken with a Nikon D200 and a Nikkor 18-35mm lens on the 16th of December 2006. Part of the MRT-NTNU Chute.

Yesterday night was pretty quiet. I took it very easy. I arrived, watched a bit of news and checked out a few things on my computer, before starting to cook the salmon I had gotten the day before at the RT Mart. The only problem is that we do not have an oven yet, you know one of those smaller ones.

I cooked the fish in the pan, at a low setting for about 20 minutes. I added a bit of curry, Montreal steak spices, pepper, a Thai hot sauce, chopped onions and garlic. Its a real easy dish to cook.

After that, I started watching The Wire (HBO). I had started watching an episode the night before and really got into it. The Wire is a cop drama that centers on one investigative case for a whole season. The past two seasons were spent investigation a crew of drug dealers. When they all perished in a feud during the 3rd season, a new dealer stepped in.

I am actually almost finished with the 4th season that ended its run at the end of 2006. I might write a post about it today, but just to recap the general events. When the wife went to the gym, I took the opportunity to write a few words. My Secret Memoirs have got already 5000 words, though they will need editing and reorganization before I publish them on The Memoirs in a few months.

Tonight, we have another night off.

I have to stop at the train station to pick up our train tickets this afternoon.

Today, I did not feel like getting up.

* * * * *

Someone at work asked me how I finished marking 120 exams the same day of the exams. Let me explain, we had English exams on Monday and Tuesday. My exams were all graded by Tuesday. On Wednesday, I entered them all into my excel sheet and my grades were out.

Since I had the experience of the midterms and since I made my midterms a tad too long for the kids, I modified the length of the exam. Instead of 10 questions, they had 6 or 7. I didn’t change the difficulty of the exam. Last time, I had foreseen that I needed to make the questions easier but longer. This time, I had found a balance.

After that, my other way of using efficiently my time during exam days was to start grading the exams immediately. Listening Comprehension and Writing were very easy to grade. It took me about an hour for  both classes. Reading and Grammar took a while longer. I made the kids come up to me and ask questions. The whole process was dumbfolded by the fact that I was proctoring 2 classes at the same time.

But in the end, after a while, the questions died down and I started marking. I marked pretty much the whole day until 4 PM. After having finished giving all four exams, I had already 52 marked. All that was left was one class. 24 exams. I took that task on after I sat down on my desk at 3:00PM. I was finished by 4 PM.

The kids loved seeing me in action, I was like a grading machine. I called up the kids who’s exams I had graded and who had done exceptionally well.

* * * * *

I was looking through my photos and found a few that I had not yet uploaded to my Zooomr account. I might be doing this over the next few days and adding them to the photoposts. I might also go through some of my older photos and post them, since I no longer use flickr and they probably deserve their own posts.

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