Fever Dreams

The Brother hotel and the Nanjing E. Rd. MRT station on the corner of Nanjing E. Rd and Fuxing Rd. Taken on the 27th of January 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm lens. Part of the Muzha MRT Series 1

After my incident at work on Saturday, I made my way home on my scooter, that I had parked at the Hsinchu train station. I drove feverishly home, since I knew that I had a fever.

I had started a fever a few hours earlier, after my incident. I could tell, by the telltale signs of hot and cold that I feld coursing through my body. I was all wrapped up in my down jacket, gloves, winter hat and scarf, as well as double layers of pants and socks.

And I am in Taiwan.

They do not have heating in Taiwan.

In Canada, everything is heated inside to 17-20°C. It is dry inside. Here, it is unheated, humid most of the time. We have to leave an air conditioner on at home so that it dehumidifies our apartment. No worries, because the aircon has a dehumidification setting, right?

Well, we honestly don’t know. I had to bring the remote in to work and ask someone, because it was all in Mandarin and I couldn’t figure it out.

After I got home, I managed to eat some fruits before hitting the hay. The wife was already sleeping. I came home at around 10:30AM. I had gotten up that day at 7:30AM, left the house at 8:15AM and boarded my train at 8:41AM.

I had the strangest fever dreams.

Fever dreams aren’t the best to have.

They are never comfortable or relaxing.

They are mostly… Feverish…

What can I say?

I woke up the next morning not feeling very good. For some reason, I felt like I had been in an accident. Parts of my body, that I didn’t think would hurt, were hurting. My shoulders, chest and legs were aching. They were aching the kind of dull sick ache. Not the full on, “I just cut off my leg ache”. Just making you uncomfortable enough so that you can only sleep fitfully through the night.

I was up pretty early, for a Sunday morning. I was up at around 9AM, but got out and got back into the bed most of the day. I even slept on the couch, because the bed was too hard for my back, which was… Aching!

My fever came and went, I managed to eat some more fruits during the day. It was funny, at some point in the night, I put my hands on my chest, and they warmed me up like a heater very fast.

I went to bed with a slight fever and awoke again in the morning, with the aches and pains still subsisting, though the fever had stopped.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

3 thoughts on “Fever Dreams”

  1. Geese range. Fever got you. That is huge winter indoor climate change for one to adapt to.

    I was sick the first year I lived here in Vancouver because of the dampness present in everything that winter (2003) and spring. My allergies skyrocketed!

    I later discovered the air/heat vents in the flat I was renting appeared to have not been cleaned for decades. I was sleeping directly beside one. Out East it is exactly as you say, low humidity and 20ºc. Dust collects and is much harder to clean in humid environments. It’s like sticky paper for dust mites and their feces.

    LOL – when I went for allergy testing my arm began to swell from the dust covered needle prick in the doctors office. The nurse immediately removed cleansed my arm and gave me a dose of antihistamine as my throat was closing and the swelling was following a major vein up my arm. I have to laugh at the hives. I couldn’t believe it. :).

    I had already explained to the doctor that my allergies were making me not be able to breath, have continuous itchy skin, that my eyes would dry out completely and not tear while my nose leaked green incessant fluid (gross) and I couldn’t concentrate, read the newspaper because of increased sensitivity to fresh printing ink (my fingers would swell up)…

    Felt like sharing this with you. I find it quite funny when we can find comfort and laughter in health misery. 🙂

    I moved into a hot water baseboard heated apartment and my allergies decreased and are almost (knock on wood) non-existent at the present time.

    It all just gets better dude.

    Story time – he he. Take care.

  2. Hey Jess.
    I don’t know what about life here is so adventurous. But it is.

    Love that story about allergies, I had the same thing in Taiwan with my asthma. You can not go around here in traffic without a mask on your face. Sounds stupid, but if you have asthma, you will be using a pump every day until you use a mask. Also, you get a mean cough. After I started wearing a mask in November, I no longer had any problems with asthma. I just wear it outside all the time.

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