What’s Up For Tonight? More Teaching!

Taken whilst on the Muzha MRT line. It was a hard shot to take, but after taking the same line 3 times, I worked out a system; I put my hands around the lens to block out any reflections from inside the train. Taken on the 27th of January 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm lens. Part of the Muzha MRT Series 1.

We have been keeping this frantic pace of working for the last few weeks.


Well, we are in a transitional period of our lives.

How many hours will I work this week?

About 70, including travel time.

Hopefully my fever was just caused by the pizza, nothing more.

Healthwise, I have been somewhat lucky in Taiwan. Except for the return of my asthma, but since I have been wearing a mask everywhere, I haven’t used an inhaler for months.

With our main jobs, we have also our secondary jobs to which we have to commute. On top of that, there is the adult language school and tutoring.

Thankfully, next week is off!

Off from our main jobs, that takes out about 45hours next week, pretty sweet!

That means that we can travel to Taipei to take care of a few things.

We are both getting our applications ready for the NTNU in Taipei, for the fall. I hope to get a lot of credits  into a program. On top of that, we want to make sure that we receive the 30000 NTD a month scholarship, which would simplify our lives a lot and enable us to stop one of our jobs. And the degrees are recognized in Canada, of course!

Things will be pretty sweet in March.

Tonight, I am teaching an IELTS class and an conversation English class. At least I have already prepared stuff in advance for those classes. The IELTS class doesn’t need that much preparation and the conversation class is easy.






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