Blade Running

The view from the Muzha MRT line onto a side street. Taken on the 27th of January 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm lens. Part of the Muzha MRT Series 1.

I had always wondered why Deckard in Blade Runner wasn’t driving/flying the aircar. In my mind, when I was a child, people with power drove other people, just like in my every day life. I couldn’t understand why Deckard didn’t drive. Later in life, I understood that power comes not only from obvious sources, but from hidden ones as well. And that the people driven around usually hold power over their drivers.

As you might have guessed it, I watched about 15 minutes of Blade Runner last night. I was pretty happy when the announced remastered version came out last year. I am still anxiously awaiting the remastered Star Wars episodes, the unmodified ones. Just like with E.T., it’s not always good to mess with a good thing.

I watched some Flushed Away, followed by an old Wallace and Gromit episode. My wife found the slugs from Flushed Away very entertaining, when I told her to drink her soup. I told her a story about when I used to have a cold as a child. My mom would make this incredibly hot soup, called rasam, that you would slurp. It would be hard to drink, but normally, it would push the bad out of you by sweating it out or blowing it out your nose. And it did, most of the time.

In Taiwan, the people are convinced that they will get sick because of the bad air. They leave doors and windows wide open in the winter to let the bad air out.

How ridiculous!

I come from a cold country, Quebec, Canada, and we know what to do to not get sick. Close all doors and put the heating up.

There is no such thing as bad air that is out to get you. My guess is that more people have gotten sick off the cold air than gotten better.

And there I was, sitting with my tuque on again, with 2 scarves, 2 pants, 2 socks, 2 sweaters, a t-shirt and my down jacket. From time to time, I wore my gloves. And the school nurse is convinced that I will be less sick if I sit out in the cold for a few hours without any scarves or coats.

Meanwhile the Taiwanese were still trying to get the bad air out. People die of cold and exposure. The fresh air is good and dandy when you are healthy, but when you have a fever or boderline cold, nothing is better than some hot soup and a nice comfy place to rest. I was fantasizing of slipping away from work, and sleeping a few hours off in one of the places were the kids used to take their afternoon naps. Since there were no kids, I was free to imagine.

Of course, since I had slept so much the day before, I was almost fit as a fiddle and didn’t need any extra sleep.

We went to the post office, went back to work and then went home. I stayed home for a few minutes before leaving to teach at our adult language school. Last time, the girls wouldn’t give me a student CD for one of the books I had, since they had not a teacher CD copied in one of their drawers. The first time I gave that class, I had to read all of the tapescripts myself and test the students on that. That made a relaxing class a bit more involved than I wanted to. I insisted that the other girl showed me where it was and that they had it. After much deliberations, calling my boss and he discussing the situation with me, Fiona magically took out a CD. Of course she knew exactly where it was, but she didn’t want to give it to me or unwrap it. Until she confirmed it with my boss.


I got my due for my class and it passed in a breeze.

I had my English conversation class afterwards with… 2 students.

That was also cool, since I had already taught that material last week.


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