Follow Up On The Numbers Game

The Hsinchu train station. Taken on the 30th of December 2006. Part of the VT Art Salon Bonanza Series.

If you have been following my progress on my so-called numbers game, you might know that I have set myself a goal of posting 100 posts in January 2007. This challenge was given to myself towards the end of the month, so there was not a lot of time left to get a lot of posts in. Initially, I had to write 5 posts a day.

But sometimes, you can’t post, because you are away from the computer, you are traveling, you are sick.

There are a lot of reasons.

I have tried to post every da, since October 2006.

If you are wondering about the numbers at the bottom of some posts, well I am happy to inform you that those numbers tell me how close I am to 100 posts in one month. Right now, you are reading the 96th post in January, which is the 475th post on The Memoirs.

Under it’s current format, The Memoirs have been existing since the 24th of May 2006. Under a variety of guises, The Memoirs have existed since 1991. A version of them appeared online for the first time in 1998 under the name Horripilations. This version was in French and I still have copies of that site at home.

I am nearing my numbers goal for the month of January. There still are a few more to go, but it is getting a bit harder. One thing is for sure, there are no problems writing between 1 and 6 posts a day for my blog, but anything more than that can get a bit draining. I’m also unsure to hit the 1000 post mark for the 24th of May 2007. However, the numbers make a lot more sense; about 4.69 per day, every day for the next few months.


One thing this has taught me is not to overexert myself with my writing.

Another thing I have learned is how to keep posts specific on a certain topic.

Good or bad?

My mind goes all over the place, and that is how my posts are, most of the time.

Sometimes I post stories, sometimes I post articles, sometimes I post about our life in Taiwan.

It varies.


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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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