How To Deal With Noise Pollution At Your Office

A ghost apartment, in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Taken on the 31st of December 2006 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mmlens. Part of the Ghost City Series.

It has probably happened to you.

The annoying person at your office, instead of using headphones like everyone else, uses the speakers on his computer instead and creates needless noise pollution. Everybody has to push their volume higher in order not to hear that person’s music.

And basically, I just don’t understand the gall of the annoying person to think that their music tastes are suited for everyone else!

I am almost starting a rant.

I only have a few more days to go. Excluding today, that is 1.5 days of work.

The worst part of it is when they leave and they still leave all of their music on!

How stupid is that?

What is it, do these stupid tendencies have to come out now, at the end of the semester? Couldn’t this just have waited a few more weeks?

Of course not, as per Murphy’s Law, if things can go worse, they will.

So on top of being loud, annoying and disturbing, the annoying person will just mess you up.

Better be prepared.

Using the key elements of the How To Say No post, be prepared to act!

The best way to resolve these situations is by dealing with them yourself, don’t get a boss involved, just discuss it and act. For example, if the people who left their music on left for a meeting, turn their music off. That is what I did. I don’t know how long the quiet will last, but at least it is peaceful.

Be prepared to confront the noise polluter and mention that they should be wearing headphones like everyone else.

Your job is not supposed to be fun by having a party and torturing everybody else with your shitty music, it’s supposed to be work!

The narcissism of some people!

Maybe I am overdoing it. Maybe he just forgot it for fun, not thinking about what would happen. Then again, that is also a problem, because not knowing that it wouldn’t bother anyone is also a problem.

Most of the time, these people are not used to hearing no from others; they normally just steamroll right through all of their situations and will not know how to deal with a firm hand and argument.

Anyways, my situation resolved itself.

How about yours?







4 responses to “How To Deal With Noise Pollution At Your Office”

  1. Ghafer Khan Avatar
    Ghafer Khan

    I totally agree with you. i am working in a chinese company and environment here is more than you described in your experience.
    In china, these thing are quite common, and nobody bother what you are doing to distrub others.
    People are talking loudly, even sometime they shout from there work place to talk to others, different ringtones with a high volume, different type of annoying short message beeps.
    This is quite stress ful position. I also wrote one article on noise pollution in office to convey my message silently.
    I am working in telecom company, where everybody is quite educated but they don’t know these practices in office.
    I want to hear from some other person if they facing same problem in some other country.
    Wanted to know the behaviour of people in different cultures.

  2. range Avatar

    Sometimes the difference between Chinese and Western culture is unfathomable. I just leave my earphones on.

  3. kim Avatar

    Interestingly enough, noise pollution in the office is a huge catalyst for stress related workcover claims. People are reporting anxiety and tension as a result of overly loud people in their workplace. I must say that I fully understand the issue, as I am a payroll officer that is situation next to the sales team (loud and full of their own self importance).

  4. sun Avatar

    fuck the niose pollution

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