Noisy Blues

A stone vase at the Lakeshore hotel in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Taken on the 19th of December 2006 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm lens. Part of the Lakeshore Series 3

Tonight, we got some more teaching on our plate.

I have a one and a half hour gig at our adult language school. It’s just Conversational English, so no worries. My wife is teaching an IELTS class for 3 hours.

Last night, on my way to my tutoring gig, I was passed by this insane scooter driver who drove so fast. The main difference between us, was that he swayed a lot more into the curves than I did; his knees were almost touching the ground as he turned. Just by doing this, there was no way for me to catch up with him.

The MacBook meme is going around the blogosphere. Mr. Angry‘s got a new one, K‘s got a new one. My wife and I will be getting new ones in the next few months. I’ve pretty much decided to get the top of the line model, hopefully with 200GB of HD. They are very small and will fit in my camera bag quite easily. A laptop that you can actually lug around is a necessity here in Taiwan, you never know what kind of computer you are on.

And it frustrates the hell out of me when I have to work on a 4 year old machine when I have a brand spanking new terabyte workstation at home. A laptop solves all of these concerns. I have a desktop replacement laptop, but it is just too huge.

I see myself in the coming months needing a laptop for work and to blog when I am not at home.


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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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