The 100th Post Of January And Still 16 Hours To Spare


As much as I thought that words would fail me at some point, I always found another way of writing things. From my last experiment on post 99 to this one to another one that I conceptualized while researching on wikipedia, I am glad that it is over, in a way.

Because posting 30 posts in three days is a bit much, even for me. I find a nice balance in my posting when I post about 3 to 6 posts a day. That gives a nice variety and gives me time to mull over things. Before I would have thought that those numbers would have been a bit too much, but I find that it is simply a way of seeing things.

Before, I had very long posts. Sometimes close to 6000 words, at times. All in one post. (Remember the whole meta-post idea?)

Now, I prefer posts that are a bit more on topic and lead to a conclusion, instead of going on and on. I have thought about splitting up those long meta-posts but since there are only a dozen or so, I don’t think that it would be worth the effort.

So that is a 100 posts in one month on The Memoirs. That is a lot, but when you break down the numbers, it’s just a little bit more than 3.33 posts a day, which isn’t so much. The challenge was hard because I only had a few weeks to come up with a lot of posts (I don’t remember if it was 5.69 posts a day or two weeks at this point).

I hope that you have enjoyed it.

I don’t plan on doing this again anytime soon, unless their is a purpose, because it was strange. Sometimes posting too much will dilute the essence of the posts themselves. But then, since I am not pushing a product or reviewing anything significant, it becomes an exercise in effort, style and art.

More than anything, I do agree totally with Jessica that some blogging is definitely art.

At one point I was at a zen like stance on this whole idea.

Once there are no more words, what is left?

No more words are coming out of my mouth, do I still exist?

Yes, and sometimes silence is golden.

The only other goal that I have right now is to post 1000 posts for the 24th of May 2007, the one year anniversary of this blog.


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Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

4 thoughts on “The 100th Post Of January And Still 16 Hours To Spare”

  1. I remember!

    Before, I had very long posts. Sometimes close to 6000 words, at times. All in one post. (Remember the whole meta-post idea?)


    Range, what a milestone you have reached. I love the idea that you are using your blog to experiment with your brain’s ability to write, conjure up ideas, research and post them.

    I’m also enjoying seeing your photography and style evolve over time. It’s a significant thing when you can look back and be proud of your accomplishments, self-tests and self guided learning.

    Zen indeed. *hug*

    So a thousand posts published in one day? Or a thousand posts published before May 24, 2007?

  2. Thanks!

    Yep, a thousand posts published before the 24th of May 2007. Not a thousand a day, that would be killer.

    Photos are coming along as well as my writing. In the next few months, I will be less busier, so I will have more time to write my stories.

  3. It’s a bit too involved for me. It would have to be more live-blogging than anything else, and within a few hours, it would loose a lot of meaning.

    Then again, if I get sponsors and shit like that, I wouldn’t mind trying it out, but I would set-up a section or blog just for that. Wouldn’t want the integrity of my blog completely diluted because of a number of posts.

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