Yesterday Was A Great Day

The Lakeshore hotel, in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Taken on the 19th of December 2006 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm lens. Part of the Lakeshore Series 3

My day at work ended a bit early, but right aftewards, I went to Chung-Hua university, where I would be teaching my advanced English class. The students were a bit hyper on sweets and candies, but I managed to calm them down for the 2 hour lesson. From their parents, I knew that they wanted to write more. So I started by handing out my prepared material.

I had prepared a grade 6 story for the grade 4 students.


They are my best students and need a challenge.

I knew they all loved Narnia, so I printed out an article from wikipedia on the world of Narnia.

The first thing that I wanted them to do is to keep an English journal or diary. I told them to keep it short, no more than a page a day. And I told them to add some fun, with drawings, some Mandarin and other things that they would like.

After that I explained to them how to write a story. That they had to have a plan, an outline before starting. That the story had 3 main parts, an introduction, a body and a conclusion. I didn’t give them any more details than that, it was enough for the first time.

We spent some time on different readings and new vocabulary.

We did some English conversation.

It went by pretty quickly.

I  gave them loads of work to try by themselves, things that I didn’t mind preparing for my own class.

Later on that night, I went to tutor my grade 2 student in reading and language art. She was barely awake, but I helped out her sister who was one of the students of my advanced English class.

I think that there isn’t enough of an emphasis on reading comprehension in language schools. It is most important, once the students get to that point.


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