A Strange Mid-Week Break


A view into the Hong Kong airport. Taken on the 15th of February 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200 VR lens. Part of the Suvarnabhumi Series in the Thailand Chronicles.

Today is a state holiday.

Nobody is supposed to be working.

It’s Wednesday, and I just woke up from a 12h sleep.

It felt good.

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Good Points And Bad Points In Being A Teacher

More school art from our school in Hsinchu.

Teaching is a great profession. I have learned this over the last 6 months, even if I was a teacher in part in Canada, it isn’t the same when you are a full time teacher.

I have been asked what the good points and bad points of teaching are, and not only in Taiwan, but in general. I will limit most of my opinions on things that I have experienced.

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Digging This!

A strange hawk on top of the K1 Caffe on the Ao Chalong pier in Phuket, Thailand. Taken with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200 VR lens on the 21st of February 2007. Part of the Thailand Chronicles Series.

I have used memediggers in the past, quite often. They are a good tool for the beginning bloggers and for bloggers trying to boost their traffic. I used reddit, del.icio.us, digg and nowpublic. Recently, the only service that I have been using in 2007 has been nowpublic, and that is mainly because of I was involved with the beta of the service.

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Battlestar Galactica S03E08-13 (SciFi)

Sometimes surviving can be its own death sentence.
Kernel Ty to Bulldog.

-Are they still eating paper?
-No, there’s a paper shortage.
Admiral Adama to Kernel Ty.

I have really gotten into this season’s Battlestar Galactica. This season has some great episodes.

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End Of The First Day Back At Work

We both barely got any sleep last night. Since we had slept over 18 hours the day before, it was a bit hard to fall asleep.

The day begun quietly and I arrived at work at around 7:40AM. I started drinking my tea. My first class didn’t start until the afternoon, I had 2×401 and 2×402. The kids were a bit hyper, just having come back from vacation.

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Dangers Of The Internet Part VI: Internet Addictions In China

A 12-year-old boy is treated with a series of low-voltage shocks in a therapy that doctors at an Internet addiction clinic in China say helps patients sleep better. (By Greg Baker — Associated Press)

I found this article in the Wall Street Journal Asia edition that I read on the weekend on my Cathay Pacific flight home to Taiwan. I couldn’t find the WSJ article, but found it on the Washington Post site.

Like the authorities in China, I do believe that internet addiction is a grave problem. Though I do not condone some of the treatments mentioned here, such as electro-shocks, drugs and other more extreme methods, I do believe in cold turkey and a lot of talk.

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A German Cabbage Leaf, Growing Entangled With The Storytree

After I had been blogging and surfing the net in an uncomfortable situation at the Phuket aiport, I discovered that I had a virus on my 8GB CF card, that I use to take pictures. I had been suspecting this for a few days. I knew I had picked something up in one of those Thai internet cafés.

I was in the midst of getting rid of the virus using Avast, when I heard some more Germans come into the waiting area of the Phuket airport. We had just checked in and were awaiting our flight at the departure gate.

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Battlestar Galactica S03E01-07 (SciFi)

Well, I finally got back into Bstar this weekend. After our holiday, I was looking for some entertainment and came up with 15 episodes of unwatched scifi. So I started watching them. In all honesty, I started in the second week of February, but carried on last night.

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A British Chestnut Leaf On The Storytree

From one of my Thailand Chronicles Posts

He is a Brit who lives here and does periodical visa runs to Myanmar. He just had a daughter from his Thai wife and runs his bar. Interesting chap. He said he loves it here, though he does go back each summer to England for 6 weeks.

One night, last Wednesday after visiting the fair and Wat Chalong in Phuket, Thailand, my friend and I went out to a bar near Hat Rawai. We sat down and I got a coke because they didn’t have any Fantas or fresh juices. The owner of the bar came to see us after he finished a game of pool.

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An Indian Waterlilly Pleasantly Attached To The Storytree

When I was waiting for my wife to check which aisle we had to check-in for our flight to Taipei in Suvarnabhumi airport, an old Indian woman accosted me. She asked me if I was Indian. I told her that my parents were, but that I was Canadian. My wife and I were teaching English in Taiwan.

Really, she said. I am Canadian as well, from Calgary.

That is great I replied.

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