24S06E05 (Fox)

The outside of the HSR Hsinchu (located in Jhubei) station. Taken with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm lens on the 16th of January 2007. Part of the HSR Series 2.

After learning that 4 more tactical nuclear devices, the so-called soviet suitcase nukes, have been purchased by Abu Fayed, the trail leads to Jack Bauer’s father.

We learn that one of the puppeteers behind the last few seasons of intrigue in 24 is actually Jack Bauer’s brother, Graem Bauer. Bauer is sent to investigate his father, Philip Bauer, who can not be found for the moment. Things turn unpleasant when Jack suspects his brother’s involvement and starts interrogating him.

Meanwhile, Walid is hot on the trail of the terrorists in the internment camp. The FBI stage an interrogation and wire him after he brings this to their attention. This brings him into the fold of the terrorists in the internment camp.

The terrorists led by Abu Fayed secured another tech after their last one was lost when the first bomb detonated. Another businessman is involved with them. The President has been moved to a secure bunker

* * * * *

I was wondering when we would be learning more about the mysterious man behind some of the conspiracies of the last few seasons. I don’t remember in great detail, but I think that he has been involved for at least a few seasons in the problems that are facing the USA of 24.






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