24S06E06 (Fox)

The outside of the HSR Hsinchu (located in Jhubei) station. Taken with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm lens on the 16th of January 2007. Part of the HSR Series 2.

After interrogating Graem, Bauer finds out that his father was involved in recycling the plutonium of nuclear weapons into fissile material for nuclear powered reactors. One of the people involved, Darren McCarthy, stole the nukes. Philip Bauer, Jack’s dad, is heading a strike team to get them back.

Jack takes Graem with him. Karen Hayes has a show down with Tommy Lennox of his anticipation of the President’s wishes. Lennox ends the discussion by informing one of his lackeys that she had to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Lennox’s measures are already hampering CTU. Nadia has been flagged by The Homeland as a potential security threat, and there is nothing Buchanan can do about it.

The President’s annoying sister is still up Agent Samuels butt about Wali’s involvement. Lennox moves against Hayes and tries to blackmail her into disappearing. It works and she goes back to LA to work with CTU. Now nobody is in Lennox’s way.

As Jack enters McCarthy’s office, he hears a noise and makes his way to a storage room. He is able to disarm one man, before being surprised by another and his father. They talk for a few minutes, but when Jack tries calling CTU and his father agrees, Graem plays his card. His father’s men are actually his men and he reverses the situation to his advantage. Free of his bonds, he shows his cards. They both underestimated Graem’s involvement and determination and bought into his act. Before they knew it, they are both Graem’s prisoners.

Meanwhile, Walid gets beaten up by a mob at the detention facility. The terrorists weren’t really terrorists, just spectators who got their information through a website.

* * * * *

What will happen next?

Probably an escape attempt after the Bauer’s discover more of the involvement of Graem in the conspiracy.

Things are not looking good.

However, I am sure that Mr. Bush enjoys 24 a lot; almost every week, either Jack or some terrorists get tortured. It’s a way of life in the universe of 24.






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