Advanced English: Creative Writing Lesson 2


Twin Buddhas at the Red General park in Hsinchu Taiwan. Taken on the 25th of January 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm lens. Part of the Red General Series.

Today, I had another of my Advanced English classes. We continued on the same theme that was established before. I started out the lesson by reviewing the homework that the students had done. Almost all of them had done most of it, which was surprising since they are all on vacation from school for the next three weeks. They are all keeping an English diary; one of the mothers commented on how impressed she was that her daughter was actually doing this every single day.

I had tried to explain to them that when they travel for Chinese New Year, they should keep a diary of events. Two of my students will be going to Japan and I told them as well that they should document it.

All of them had added some color and interesting items to their diaries.

Most of their stories were pretty simple, but one of my students had really gotten some good stuff out of my last lesson.

I followed the same theme for this week’s lesson.

Setting & Characters

The same as the previous lesson, but with some minor changes.

Ivan: A few years have passed and Ivan has been living in Sumria with his sister Molly and Zefang.

Lady Arden: The governor of the Nehu district of Sumria, one of the more powerful districts in Sumria. She is married to Sir Gilgamad

Junior Chancellor Ducat: Ivan’s boss and the Auhermetics.

Auhermetics: The anti demonist/evil magician hunting squad that bring evil magicians to justice. They bring them to trial.


Years have passed and Ivan has lived in Sumria with his sister Molly.

Rumors of Bornak’s return are all over Sumria.

A powerful magical object, the Eye of the Endless, has been stolen from Lady Arden, the governor of Nehu.

People are very afraid of what will happen when Bornak returns.

Plan for “Bornak’s Return”

Introduction (I)

  • Years later, Ivan and Zefang are living with Molly in Sumria
  • Ivan has graduated from the Magical Academy of Sumria with honors and has become an Apprentice Magician for the Auhermetics, the anti evil magician squad of Sumria.
  • Ivan works with the Junior Chancellor Ducat, who is teaching him new tricks and magic to help hunt evil sorcerers.

Body (II)

(1) – (6) Create significant events in this setting. Make them important. You could have Bornak kidnap Molly or have him terrorize Sumria.

Conclusion (III)



(3) And Bornak is back!

Write your story.

Since I kind of like this homework, I plan on doing it myself as well. I have already got about 1500 words on this.






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