La Femme Enchantée

Setting sun seen from across the street. Taken with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200nn VR lens. Part of the Setting Suns Series.

Exquise, elle se dévoile

Mise-à-nue, sans souci

Abscons, elle se propage en moi


Click to read closer. This photo was taken without a flash and using a LED flashlight as sole illumination.

I dreamt about this last night. And when my wife came home past midnight, I awoke in a daze, thinking about the words. I had composed them right before going to bed, finding the words interesting in my thoughts. However, I was too tired to note them down and thought that I would be able to remember them, without any problems. When my slumber got interrupted, I got out of bed, grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down a few words, not knowing if I would paperblog this or write it out on my computer.

When I woke up and wrote it down, I added another verse.

Abscons, elle se propage en moi

Poetry is well suited for writing in books.

It has been a while since I used the word absons. The french wikitionnaire defines it as such:

  1. Complexe au point de n’avoir plus aucun sens ou presque
  2. Qui est caché, mystérieux.

Translated this means:

  1. So complex that it doesn’t make any more sense, or almost
  2. What is hidden, mysterious

I used the word in both it’s meanings.

This poem is a result of a few things that have been on my mind recently, from old friends to my wife.






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