Rome S02E03 (HBO)

A close-up view of the Sogo sign on top of the Sogo building. The new lens will open up all new views. Taken with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200mm lens on the 11th of February 2007. Part of the Hsinchu By Night Series.

A recap and review of the HBO show Rome, currently in it’s second season.

Agrippa bears a message from Octavian for his mother and Atia betrays him almost immediately. Cicero is forced by Marc Anthony to push forth his recommendation that Anthony becomes the new governor of Gaul, but Cicero is absent and delivers a speech in absentia. The speech tells everyone that he thinks that Anthony is an idiot. Order quickly breaks down after that.

A gang war breaks out in the underworld. Mostly because Verenus lets things get out of hand since he has a death wish. Sevillia has an assassin in the Juliae house. His job is to kill Atia and spare Octavia.

Brutus is despairingly trying to raise an army to no avail in Turkey.

Pollo and Verenus have a fallout and Pollo escapes with his wife. The big argument and fight was because Pollo killed the man who inseminated Verenus’s wife. He knew about the affair and didn’t tell Verenus. He makes his way back to settle things with Verenus only to learn that Verenus is in Gaul with Marc Anthony’s troops. He finds the Verenus family nanny who managed to escape the slavers. She tells him where Verenus’s children are and Pollo knows his mission.

The assassin makes his moves and tries to poison Atia.

* * * * *

Events are advancing quite quickly in Rome. The city needs its Caesar back, but Marc Anthony is engaging his troops in a battle. Meanwhile, Brutus is still out there trying to gather troops.

* * * * *

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Rome S02E02






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