Advanced English Classes Language Arts, Lesson Plan And Curriculum

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For my Advanced English Class, I prepared this lesson plan and curriculum. It is to be used with the 6th grade McGraw-Hill books, the 2003 edition. This material and lesson plan is best used for advanced 4th and 5th graders who have good English. Alternatively, it can be used for grades 6 to high school, depending on their level of English.

Basically, this is the curriculum for a normal 6th grade Language Arts class, for the first 12 weeks. Each story has enough material for two weeks of teaching, about 9 hours per week. If you run out of time, you can skip the reviews and reteaching parts of the curriculum, though they are all in sequence and repeated for a reason. Starting at another story than the 1st is problematic as well, since the lessons are scaffolded.

PB = Practice Book

GPB = Grammar Practice Book

SPB = Spelling Practice Book

I’ve included all of the challenge vocabulary. The normal spelling vocabulary is located in the Teacher’s Edition for Grade 6.

* * * * *

Advanced English Classes Language Arts




Story 1

Matt to the Rescue P19 Answer questions (Make Predictions) P19

S.O.R. Losers P20

Story Questions P36-39


Make Predictions PB1, 5

Vocabulary: pep, attitude, cringing, bribe, treason, defect PB2, 2A

Story Comprehension PB3

Make Inferences PB6

Synonyms and Antonyms PB7



Sentences GPB1-6


Phonics and Spelling

Words with short vowels SPB1-6


Story 2

The Biggest Birthday P41 Answer questions (Sequence of events) P41

The All-American Slurp P43

Story Questions P60-63


Sequence of events PB8, 12

Vocabulary: residence, acquainted, relish, buffet, inflections, rummage PB9, 9A

Story Comprehension PB10

Make Inferences PB13

Context Clues PB14



Subjects and Predicates GPB7-12

Phonics and Spelling

Words with Long a and Long e SPB7-12

Story 3

A New Home P65 Answer questions (Story Elements) P65

Viva New Jersey P67

Story Questions P80-83


Story Elements PB15, 19

Vocabulary: protruding, mongrel, destination, makeshift, silhouetted, majestic PB16, 16A

Story Comprehension PB17

Make Inferences PB20

Synonyms and Antonyms PB21



Sentence Combining GPB13-18


Phonics and Spelling

Words with Long i and long o SPB13-18


Story 4

The Weather Watcher P85 Answer questions (Make Predictions) P85

Rain, Rain, Go Away P87

Story Questions P96-99


Make Predictions PB22, 26

Vocabulary: contrast, experience, jubilantly, pedestals, psychology, subdued PB23, PB23A

Story Comprehension PB24

Sequence of Events PB27

Context Clues PB28



Complex Sentences and Clauses GPB19-24


Phonics and Spelling

Words with /ū/ and /ü/ SPB19-24

Story 5

The Vikings P101 Answer Questions (Sequence of Events) P101

A Viking Voyage P102

Story Questions P106-109


Sequence of Events PB29

Vocabulary: rudder, site, technology, landmarks, precise, dreamer PB30, 30A

Story Comprehension PB31

Make Inferences OB33

Context Clues PB34

Synonyms and Antonyms PB35



Run-On Sentences GPB25-30


Phonics and Spelling

Words from Social Studies GPB25-30


Unit 1 Vocabulary Review PB36-37

Unit 1 Grammar Review GPB31-32

Unit 1 Phonics Review SPB31-32

* * * * *

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