Night At The Museum – Impressions, Recap And Review

Night becomes day, when thunder strikes not far away in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Taken with a Sony Cybershot DSC-P93 5.1 MP camera on the 20th of July 2006. Part of the Storm Series.

I was finally able to watch the new Ben Stiller movie, that was supposed to be shot in Montreal, Quebec, but because of union problems, it was shot in California, I believe. I think at the time, Governor Schwarzenegger made a stink out of the whole thing.

Anyways, the movie was OK. The funniest parts were when he was interacting with Owen Wilson. They are just plain hilarious and should do more movies together. Zoolander was funny as well.

Other than that, the fact that the whole place came alive because of some weird Egyptian tablet… Well, it was secondary to the fun at seeing Ben Stiller do his ridiculous acting.

Best acting was with Dexter, the capuccin monkey and Owen Wilson.

Where do they come up with priceless bits like Gigantor and stuff like that?

Are those improvs or just excellent screen writers?

Anyways, it’s a good family movie.

* * * * *

Larry is a divorced loser dad who’s son is loosing faith with him. So he finds a job as a night watchman at a museum. To his surprise, the whole museum becomes alive at night. After the 1st night, he wants to quit, but his son makes him want to continue. So he researches the museum and tries to tackle everybody’s probmens with moderate success. He almost gets fire again for setting a fire, which actually the caveman started.

At his third try, the old night watchmen try to plunder the museum and the mysterious tablet, because it makes them young again at night. Mickey Rooney plays the perfect grouchy bastardly old man.

Larry is able to rally the troops to help solve the situation and at the same time, makes it seem like a publicity stunt. He continues to work as a night watchman.

* * * * *

np: Arovane+Phonem – Aer (Valid)






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