Thailand Photography Minus 34 Hours

A thunderstorm in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Taken with a Sony Cybershot DSC-P93 5.1 MP camera on the 20th of July 2006. Part of the Storm Series.

No problemo, Gigantor!

Owen Wilson to Ben Stiller in Night At The Museum

So I have had time to ponder the question a bit.

JPG or NEF+JPG for my trip? NEF is the Nikon RAW format.

The main difference is space and quality.

I have an 8GB CF card, which means 2000 or 700 photos in either way. I need to take JPGs because that is what I use on my blog and Zooomr account. I can’t upload… Maybe it’s more that I won’t upload the RAW files converted to JPGs.

I have a feeling that I will have to just take JPGs.

I expect to spend a lot of time snapping away. The most pictures I have taken in one sitting was 918 during the Christmas Concert Series. However, of those pictures, I kept only 175. Most of the others were overexposed because the lighting on stage was too bright, and I couldn’t compensate enough.

I haven’t really had time to check out our itinerary, but my wife has planned it out. I think we are going to visit two temples in and around Bangkok before doing a few things around Bangkok.

My friend told me that we could find guesthouses for as cheap as 6CAD$ per night, around 167 NTD. Sanity and precaution tell me that we shouldn’t do that. We aren’t really travelling on a tight budget, but I didn’t really feel like blowing thousands of NTD on our lodging.

And since most of the time, we will be outside of our rooms, we didn’t really see a problem booking the place that we did. It was also recommended by the lonely planet.

We just learned that liquids and gels will be banished from flights in Asia starting the first of March 2007. That’s good, because both of us hadn’t planned on putting any checking luggage; on carry-on luggage. I got two bags planned, my big NG backpack and my smaller NG shoulder bag. The shoulder bag will be used to house my camera goodies, and I guess that I will always have it on me. The backpack is for some clothes and a few things here and there that I need.

I wouldn’t mind seeing some elephants again. It has been a while since I have seen one up close enough to touch them.

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