Adult Conversational English Lesson Plan 4

More school art.

Tonight, I used the following lesson plan that I found on forumosa.

I used it the following way. I only had 15 minutes to use this, but it can be used for a full 90 minutes easily if used right. I split the class into teams of 2 and then gave 3 questions to each team to answer. I gave them a few minutes to go over them and discuss them.

I explained any words that they didn’t know. And then, I asked them to present their answers. It was interesting. At the same time, I gave them explanations from the foreigner point of view in Taiwan.

* * * * *

There are numerous ways to run this, but basically you gloss vocabulary, then have them read over each situation and try to figure out what difference in customs, attitudes, etc. between local and Western cultures might cause a misunderstanding in this situation. They can also discuss how they would resolve each in similar circumstances.

Then put them in two lines. One line is the local line, one line is the foreigner line. You read out a slip and they all role-play it for about one minute. Keep rotating the lines and doing different situations…


1) Your foreign roommate got angry with you because your bathroom floor is always covered with water after you take a shower. Find out why she is mad.

2) Your foreign friend just stuck his/her chopsticks into his/her rice bowl at dinner. Explain why he shouldn’t do that.

3) A foreign friend of the opposite sex invited you on a date. You said yes, but then invited a couple other friends along without telling him/her. He/she is upset. Find out why and try to work it out.

4) Your foreign friend gave you a birthday present. When you put it away without opening it, she looked upset. Find out why.

5) Your foreign boyfriend/girlfriend would like you to move in with her. Your parents would never accept this. Explain to him/her.

6) Your foreign fiance got very upset when your grandparents wanted to hire a stripper for your wedding. Try to calm him / her down.

7) Your foreign boyfriend/girlfriend often loses his/her temper with people in public. Although sometimes you can understand why he is upset, you feel that his/her behavior is unacceptable. Tell him/her how you feel.

8) Your foreign fiance wants to get married on a certain date because that’s his/her parents’ anniversary. Your parents won’t agree because according to the lunar calendar that day isn’t good for weddings. Persuade your fiance to change the date.

9) Your foreign boyfriend/girlfriend gave you a bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums for Valentines’ Day. Tell him/her how you feel about this.

10) Your foreign fiance wants to give your father a clock for his birthday. Explain why this wouldn’t be a good idea.

11) Your foreign boyfriend/girlfriend is insulted when you won’t let him/her kiss you or hold hands in front of your friends. He/she thinks you’re ashamed of him/her. Try to explain.

12) Your foreign customer reacted strangely when you asked him how much he earns per year. Find out why.

13) Your mom asked you to lend 200,000 NT to your oldest brother for some kind of investment scheme. Your foreign spouse said your brother is a deadbeat and theres no way your brother is getting that money! Try to work this out with him / her.

14) Your English teacher seemed a bit disgusted when you told him your hobbies are sleeping and watching TV. Find out why.

15) Your English teacher got mad when you told her she’s fat. What’s the big deal? Try to resolve this with her.

* * * * *

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