Language Arts Grade 4 Winter Vacation Curriculum

And even more school art.

I created these lesson plans for the students who needed to catch up on some work during their holidays. Our school will skip these lessons, but since all of the course material is scaffolded, it is best to try and do them than be lost once the semester starts up again.

This lesson plan follows my normal setup and has to be used with the Grade 4 McGraw-Hill Reading book, the 2003 edition as well as with the Teacher’s Edition, the Reading Practice Book (PB), the Grammar Practice Book (GPB) and the Spelling Practice Book (SPB).

Phonics are included in the Spelling Practice Book, but there is a separate workbook that we used that isn’t too useful. Most probably, you will have to come up with additional lessons based on the Spelling Practice Book material.

Each story has enough material for two weeks, including all of the exercises.

* * * * *

Winter Vacation Subject Matter Language Arts 401

Reading Comprehension and Lessons

Story 1

Carmen Lomas Garza: Art for the Whole Family P283. Answer questions on P283

Pat Cummings: My Story P284

Story Questions P294-297

Fact And Opinion PB82, 86

Fact is something that is true. Opinion is what people think.

Vocabulary: exist (verb), image (noun), inspire (verb), loft (noun), reference (noun), sketch (verb) PB83, 83A

Story Comprehension PB84

Summarize PB87

Suffixes PB88


Past Tense and Future Tense GPB71-73, 75-76

Letter Punctuation and Capitalization GBP74

Phonics and Spelling

Words with /ū/ and /yū/ SPB71-76

Story 2

Shonto Begay P299-300. Answer questions P299

Grass Sandals P301

Story Questions P 328-331

Author’s purpose and point of view PB89, 93

Point of view is a way of thinking about things. Purpose is a reason for writing.

Vocabulary: chanted (chant, verb), nipped (nip, verb), pouch (noun), restless (adjective, -less ->full of rest), scribbled (scribble, verb), stitching (stitch, verb or stitching noun) PB90, 90A

Story Comprehension PB91

Make Judgments and Decisions PB94

Context Clues PB95


Main and Helping Verbs GPB77-82

Phonics and Spelling

Words with diagraphs SPB77-82

Story 3

The Corncob Doll P333. Answer questions P300

A Place Called Freedom P335

Story Questions P356-359

Fact and Opinion PB96, 100

Vocabulary: sunrise (noun), gourd (noun), weary (adjective), fretted (fret, verb), plantation (noun), settlement (noun) P97, P97A

Story Comprehension P98

Summarize P101

Context Clues P102


Linking Verbs GPB83-85, 87-88

Titles GPB86

Phonics and Spelling

Adding –ed and -ing SPB83-88

Story 4

An Amazing Garden P361. Answer questions P361

Twisted Trails P362

Story Questions P366-369

Make Judgments and Decisions PB103

Vocabulary: combine (verb), challenge (noun), contained (contain, verb), mazes (maze, noun), entertaining (entertain, verb), requires (require, verb) PB104, 104A

Story Comprehension PB105

Suffixes PB109


Irregular Verbs GPB 89-91, 93-94

Abbreviations GPB 92

Phonics and Spelling

Words from the arts SPB89-94

Unit 3 Vocabulary Review PB110-111

Unit 3 Grammar Review GPB 95-96

Unit 3 Phonics Review SPB 95-96

Story 5

Two American Photographers P 375. Answer questions P 375

Scruffy: A Wolf Finds His Place in the Pack P377

Story Questions P402-405

Compare and Contrast PB112, 116

Vocabulary: affection (noun), climate (noun), clinging (cling, verb), methods (method, noun), threat (noun), injury (noun) PB113, 113A

Story Comprehension PB114

Draw Conclusions PB117

Prefixes PB118


Adjectives GPB 97-102

Phonics and Spelling
Words with /ô/ and /ôr/ SPB97-102

* * * * *

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