Suvarnabhumi Airport And Into Bangkok

We have arrived safely in Bangkok, and it is Saturday morning and we are off Nakhon Pathom to see Pira Pathom Chedi, the world’s tallest Buddhist monument, at an astonishing 127m. But first, recaps of our adventures since Thursday. There is no practical way of uploading pictures here. I will upload a few tonight and illustrate my posts, but for now, text will have to do.

As waited Hong Kong for our connecting flight to Bangkok, we took some pictures of the HK airport. My wife told me a few things about the airport. That they had to construct special hangers to house the parts of the ceiling. Pretty impressive, it looks like a giant spine.

I enjoyed seeing all the different kinds of people, from French to Germans, Canadians and others. As mentioned before, I was on the flight to Bangkok with a bunch of annoying Calgarians. They were a rugby team. A bunch of knuckleheads that were very loud. I don’t mind Calgarians, it’s just that this bunch was very loud and bothersome. Good thing that I had my iPod.

The flight was very good, meals served and impeccable service. I have trouble comparing it with Eva Air, since that was a 12 hour flight and we were really impressed by the service. In total, the fligh was about 4 hours long.

As we departed Hong Kong, I took the opportunity to take pictures from the airport from the air, there are some very interesting ones, but not as much as the ones from Suvarnabhumi airport.

I have read that there is a lot of problems with this 4 month old airport. Things are starting to crack and falter, after such a short time. Corruption has been implied and the government plans on opening up the old airport again.

To us, it looked fabulous. It ressembled a loft, with lots of bare concrete, metal and lights all over the place. We took a lot of pictures and passed through a long line in immigration.

As we exited the airport and hopped into a wobblin taxi, we took more pictures of our first foray into Bangkok. It was a lot hotter than Taiwan, especially at the moment. We made it directly to our guesthouse without any problems. The room was a bit smaller than we expected and there was a 200 BHT key deposit that hadn’t been mentioned before, however it was still good.

Also, the guesthouse boasted a 24 hour restaurant, however on Thursday night, the kitchen closed at 2AM. Ah, false advertising.






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