Thailand Chronicles 5: Back To Bangkok


SF Cinema City in the MBK center in Bangkok, Thailand. Taken on the 19th of February 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200mm VR lens. Part of the Thailand Chronicles Series.

One night in Bangkok…

Well, we are back in the city of angels, and I am not talking about LA.

We woke up again at around 9AM in our large room with a private bathroom in Jitvelia Place, on Thanon U-Thon 38/7. I would recommend it if you can’t stay in the air-con rooms of Chantara House and Baan Lotus House.  

The bus ride in from Ayutthaya was a lot faster than expected. On Sunday at 11:40AM, it took us over 2:30 hours to go to Ayutthaya (I found out the right way to spell this city’s name). The ride back took about 50 minutes, give or take.

First order of business, was to get some grub. I had eaten an apple in the morning and that was it. So as soon as I found a suitable stand near the bus station, we dug into some porc soup with noodles. Pretty good.

It was really hot when we got out of the bus. Surprisingly, there were a few foreigners on the bus as well. I finally understood that all of the young girls in short skirts with uniforms were school girls. You know that you are in a hot country when the school uniforms for boys include short pants and short shirts.

My wife wanted to do a bit of shopping, so we took a taxi to Mo Chit Skytrain stop. We crossed over into the Silom line at the Siam stop. We got off at National Stadium and made our way into MBK once more. I recommed MBK for anyone on their first shopping trips to Bangkok. It is the same concept as a night market, but open during the day, away from the sun and heat with good prices, food, a cineplex and other convenient things, like internet cafes and coffee shops.

My wife dragged me to see Dreamgirls after we had browsed a bit. Browsing, meaning that she was looking for things and I was being dragged around like an expensive Indian handbag, that is what I like to say when she goes shopping into her own world.

I did not want to see Dreamgirls, but before I could stop her, she had purchased the tickets. Dreamgirls is just another Chicago rip-off, with the storyline going around the real life story of The Supremes and Tina Turner.

After that, we went to a restaurant on the 7th floor in MBK. It was called Thaisiam and had all ladyboy servers. It was a bit strange, but the food was nice and cheap, until we spotted the cockroach in a corner and my wife lost her appetite.

I spotted an internet cafe and we jumped on the chance to print out our flight information for tomorrow and to blog and surf a bit before we went on our night photography trip around Bangkok.






6 responses to “Thailand Chronicles 5: Back To Bangkok”

  1. Andy Avatar

    If seeing a cockroach is enough to put you off your food, I think you’re going to return home very skinny :o)

    As lovely as Thailand undoubtedly is, on the whole it’s not the cleanest of places to eat.

  2. Edseverripit Avatar

    Wow, that picture is techno-flavored, like something out of Johnny Mnemonic! Niiice!

  3. range Avatar

    The cockroach didn’t put me off the food, but it put my wife off the food. Therefore, we had to leave earlier.

    Let me just rephrase that this was in the MBK center in downtown Bangkok. Not some Mom & Pop place on the street, we were in a mall.

  4. Andy Avatar

    If you’re in BKK you’re going to come up against ‘undesirables’ even in the most unexpected of places.

    Even in the city’s most affluent shopping centre – Paragon (highly recommended if you have the time) – I found a small cockroach having a walk around.

    I’m a very fussy eater, but when in Asia let my guard down quite a bit. Street food is delicious for the most part, so long as you aren’t afraid of a bit of grime 🙂

  5. range Avatar

    That’s true. It wasn’t the ladyboys serving us that put my wife off or myself, the little critters. Then again, I have been eating on the street most of the week without any problems.

    We saw a lot of fried critters for sale at the Wat Chalong fair yesterday, pretty yucky. I don’t really want to try those.

  6. Chris Avatar

    Fried crickets taste like potato chips. I’d been to Thailand a few times before I worked up the courage to try them. Still, I’d rather eat potato chips.

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