The Storytree: The Roots, Origin And The First Leaf

If there is :one thing that I really enjoy, it is the concept of the storytree.

Taken out of Clive Barker’s The Great and Secret Show and Everville novels, the storytree holds the stories of everybody on each different leaf. The storytree is made of a multitude of stories and leaves, all different from eachother. Some intersect on the same branches, other diverge and never combine.

It is the Alder Bole, Yggdrasill, the World Tree, imagined and made real.

As I travel around the world, I meet people. These people tell me stories.

People tell me their story and each story is a leaf on the storytree. Stories become alive when they are told and shared, and evolve with each telling. I rarely put down everything that people tell me or their complete names. It’s a great array of experiences and things that I have heard about or witnessed.

The First Leaf, Une Feuille De Peuplier.

We tried to find an internet cafe past 10PM around Hat Rawai and Ao Chalong. Not an easy task. Like most businesses, they close at 9PM. Rare are the ones that are open later. Finally, after riding around for a few minutes, we find a cafe. The owner is French and tells us that the faster terminals are all in use. But we could use the slower ones that don’t have air-con. Within minutes, a fast terminal opens up and I make the jump next door.

Frank is fortyish, a small wiry Frenchman. His hair is greying in that way that makes men look good. Is his wearing a short sleeved shirt and slacks. I see him cleaning the terminals at around 11:30PM. He tells me that the cafe normally closes at 11PM, but tonight it will close at midnight. He tells me that there isn’t that much money to be made, but since his company is foreign owned and foreign based, in his name, he doesn’t really mind. And since he declares enough salary for himself, he doesn’t have to do visa-runs anymore.

He hates the attitudes of some of the Thai. Also, he employs a few and tonight, as every night, he is the one cleaning the terminals instead of his staff, who are long gone. He has been in Thailand for 7 years and enjoys it. He tells me that after a few years in Thailand, people from the same culture will start to congregate together. There are a lot of Europeans in Thailand. 

From Frank in the internet cafe, a Frenchman from Marseilles:

(En parlant d’une fille Thai qui vient de quitter. Elle est correcte, rien de spécial. Elle est arrangée pour sortir dans un club ou un bar.)

Cette fille est une garce, les Thais desfois, quand ils se sentent un peu important, ils te font chier. De la façon qu’elle me parle, c’est comme si elle me crache dessus. Ils pensent que je ne les comprends pas. La plupart sont corrects, mais elle, je lui sacrerais une claque, celle-là. Ça fait sept ans que je suis ici, et puis après quelques années, ça se ressemble. Mais moi, je fais ma vie ici. Au moins je n’ai pas besoin de faire des visa-runs a tous les 3 mois. J’ai pas de temps à perdre.

Les Thais, je suis leur patron, et c’est moi qui fait le ménage a 11PM. Où sont mes employés Thais?

Mais bon, il fait beau et chaud ici. L’hiver, je ne suis plus capable.

Après quelques années, on se rassemble. Français avec français, allemands avec allemands. Le SeeBees, c’est rempli d’allemands.

* * * * *

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