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I met a young man named Emir. At first, I thought that he was a Frenchman, but he told me that he was from Oman, heading from Phuket to Bangkok and then visiting Pattaya, nightclub and whore central in Thailand. I thought I heard his uncle talk in French, but it must have been someone else. His uncle has a young Thai woman with him and probably more than one wife at home in Oman.

For a few minutes, he plays with his cell phones. He has two with him, he tells me that he uses the other when one shuts down, always texting away. 

He talked to me about the war in Iraq, about Bush and about education. He works in airports he said and had trouble in Russia when they detained him for 6 hours. He enjoys meeting people and talking to them, that is how he improved his English. This was his 1st visit to Phuket, but his 3rd to Taiwan.

I told him about 30 Days, the Morgan Spurlock show, where a Christian from America dressed up as a muslim and lived with a muslim family for a month. He was detained as well and interrogated, with a full body search.

He says that Oman is a great country, wealthy with a lot of benefits for its citizens. In Oman, they give houses and cars away to foreign teachers.

You should come and teach there, you would really enjoy it.

He talks about how education is free in Oman and how people need education. Teachers are respected in Asia and the Middle East, he says. He says that he will be back in June with his uncle and his wives. He has two cellphones, if one breaks down, he has another one ready to go.

He says that Emir is the title of a prince in his country.

I know, I said.

He talks about how Dubai is becoming a financial center and has become thoroughly westernized, it is hard to see Arabs living their lives there. He says that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are run like city-states. He doesn’t use that word, but that is what I deduce from his words. He says that a sheik runs each city independently.

In Oman, we have a king who runs our country.

We work together in my country and share the wealth, because to whom else is the king going to give the riches other than his people?

He talks about how Bush is creating a hotbed of insurgents in Iraq. He doesn’t use those words, but he says that the situation will only get worse and more terrorists will come out of there. Al Jazeera tells us the truth and over a million Arabs have been killed until now.

* * * * *

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