A British Chestnut Leaf On The Storytree

From one of my Thailand Chronicles Posts

He is a Brit who lives here and does periodical visa runs to Myanmar. He just had a daughter from his Thai wife and runs his bar. Interesting chap. He said he loves it here, though he does go back each summer to England for 6 weeks.

One night, last Wednesday after visiting the fair and Wat Chalong in Phuket, Thailand, my friend and I went out to a bar near Hat Rawai. We sat down and I got a coke because they didn’t have any Fantas or fresh juices. The owner of the bar came to see us after he finished a game of pool.

He is in his early forties, a typical Brit with blondish hair and a burgeoning beer belly. 

He is a Brith who has been living in Phuket for the last 2 years. He is the father of a new baby called Samantha Joe of a “Thai wife”. He tells us this. Then he mentions that he has to do periodic visa-runs to Myanmar for 1000BHT every three months. I ask why because if he is married to a Thai woman, he should have access to citizenship. He says that he calls her his Thai wife, but she isn’t his wife, she is his spouse. 

He says he doesn’t believe in marriage, but he has a partner. His partner has two other children by two other men.

He makes some comments about women’s rights in Thailand and I mention that it is illegal for women to take their husbands’ names in Quebec, Canada, to protect their rights. In the past, if a woman took her husband’s name and got divorced, she would run into problems when she took her own name back after the divorce. This way, she is protected from that hassle. If a woman wants to take her husband’s name, she has to legally change it.

Funny, because I am married. He says that he doesn’t need a piece of paper or a ring to prove his love for his wife.

He mentions that his wife’s sister is working the bar.

He points to her, talking to the escort girls working the bar. The escort girls are a very important piece of the bars, without them, the bars wouldn’t be able to function. I remember an old prostitute hanging a “For Rent” sign around her head the night before and finding it hilarious.

He says that he goes back to England during the summer for 6 weeks to see his family. He says that at the end of the six weeks, he can’t wait to get home. I didn’t ask what his family thinks about his situation.

He talks about a friend that was supposed to come with him at the time, but couldn’t and stayed in the same situation.

JS tells us that a friend of ours was supposed to go as well with him to Thailand, but kept pushing it off. Our friend is still in Montreal, a few years later and is still in the same situation. The money of his estate locked out by an aunt until the age of 25 or 31, if I remember.

The bar owner says he also runs the karaoke bar insite the building.

JS asks him if he ever sings. The owner says no, never, even when he adjusts the system.  

* * * * * 

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