A Cherry Blossom On The Storytree


Just a quick word to say that the service on Cathay Pacific was great, but the food wasn’t too good this time around, at least I got to talk with a 1.76m tall Chinese stewardess who told me that if she had 5 dollars for every time somebody asked her that, she would be a millionaire. Actually, I explained, I didn’t mean it like that. My wife and I both think you could be a model or a TV actress. Naturally, the last part of the conversation I only said in my head, but still the flight attendants on Cathay Pacific are especially attractice.

She was quite tall, compared to all the other flight attendants and quite striking. This naturally sparked me to ask her that question. With most of her passengers being Chinese or Taiwanese, I wouldn’t be surprised if they asked her what she ate to be so tall as well. The Chinese like to ask that question when they see someone tall.

Our previous stewardess on the flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong was quite perky and interesting as well.

I am always impressed by how many languages flight attendants can normally speak. Their accents are also quite good.

My wife told me that Cathay Pacific was known for the beauty of their flight attendants.

My wife also told me that one flight attendant actually was the cause of the break-up of a marriage of Hong Kong socialites. I wouldn’t be surprised.

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