A German Cabbage Leaf, Growing Entangled With The Storytree

After I had been blogging and surfing the net in an uncomfortable situation at the Phuket aiport, I discovered that I had a virus on my 8GB CF card, that I use to take pictures. I had been suspecting this for a few days. I knew I had picked something up in one of those Thai internet cafés.

I was in the midst of getting rid of the virus using Avast, when I heard some more Germans come into the waiting area of the Phuket airport. We had just checked in and were awaiting our flight at the departure gate.

One of the older German women, who looked quite fashionable, came up to me, as I was running my antivirus program. She asked me if I spoke English. I told her yes, but that I also spoke German. I told her this in German, and she was quite surprised, as most Germans are when I talk to them in their mothertongues without any perceptible accent.

She asked me if I was able to access the internet. I told her that I had no problems accessing it with my laptop. I had been surfing for the past few hours without any incident. She told me that she had been trying to access the internet for the last few hours without any success. They had told her that the internet was shut down at the airport for some reason. She had also checked at her airline, to no avail.

I told her that I didn’t have any problems, but that right now was checking my laptop for some virii. She told me good luck with that. I told her that I was born in Germany, in Heidelberg.

She said really. After a few minutes, she went and joined her friends.

After I had finished with the antivirus, I tried accessing the WiFi server that I had found, but again it was password protected and I could no longer surf. I spent the time downloading all the images off my CF card in order to format it a few minutes later.

I sat down and the woman started talking to me again.

She asked where I had lived. I told her after Germany, I had moved to Strasbourg in France and then Quebec, in Canada. I told her that my wife and I were teaching in Taiwan.

She said really, and marveled at my German. I told her that I spoke French and English as well, but that my wife did not speak any German.

She continued talking as her plane had started boarding and her friends left her. She quickly said her goodbyes and pranced away to catch her flight.

My wife commented on how fashionable she was for an older lady. She was in her fifties, with blonde graying hair and clear gray eyes. She had lines, probably from too much sun and age, but had a bubbly no-nonsense personality.

* * * * *

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