End Of The First Day Back At Work

We both barely got any sleep last night. Since we had slept over 18 hours the day before, it was a bit hard to fall asleep.

The day begun quietly and I arrived at work at around 7:40AM. I started drinking my tea. My first class didn’t start until the afternoon, I had 2×401 and 2×402. The kids were a bit hyper, just having come back from vacation.

It’s already the end of the day, and I am leaving for home in few minutes.

I ate at home today and enjoyed eating the leftovers from The Spice Shop that I had gotten the day before.

Tonight I am teaching from 7 to 10PM, IELTS and Conversational English. I will most probably continue working on the worksheet I gave them the week before the break; we barely had the time to start it, because I was explaining some verb tenses in more detail.

I just learned that tutoring for tomorrow evening will be cancelled and since I will be in Taipei most of Wednesday, it will just have to stay that way until later. Not bad, I need the rest.

Spoke too soon, tutoring is back on again after I got a callback a few minutes later.

* * * * *

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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