Battlestar Galactica S03E08-13 (SciFi)

Sometimes surviving can be its own death sentence.
Kernel Ty to Bulldog.

-Are they still eating paper?
-No, there’s a paper shortage.
Admiral Adama to Kernel Ty.

I have really gotten into this season’s Battlestar Galactica. This season has some great episodes.

Baltar discovers that 3 is killing herself on purpose every day to see visions between life and death. In her visions, she sees the 5 cylon models that have been lost and that they have never seen.

With Gaius’ help, they discover through the prophecies of the baseship’s hybrid, a location to lead them to the 5. Gaius’ keen intellect is the key in unlocking this mystery. He thinks that he is a cylon and that Hera is related to all of this.

Meanwhile, we discover how Dee and Adama got married and how Lee got involved with Cara again. Thrace is married to Sam, she did this out of spite. They are having an affair. The President and the admiral are getting very close to one another.

When bulldog makes his return, Adama admits to his son and the President his failures and his guilt. He thinks he started the war, but he is in error. Bulldog was released to kill Adama by the cylons. Thrace figures it out and Ty steps in to save Adama from Bulldog. The Kernel makes his way back to CAC.

The fleet is running low in food supplies because their food replicators were contaminated. They have to navigate through a cluster of dense stars in order to reach an algae rich planet on the other side. On the way there, we learn that Kat used to be a drug runner and lied her way into the fleet. She is ridden by guilt and goes after a ship she lost in the cluster. She finds it but dies in the process.

The planet is also the planet that Baltar and the cylons are looking for, the one which will point the way tot the 5 lost cylon models.

On the planet itself, the chief is hearing strange musical wind tones and starts investigating the situation. Meanwhile Cara and Lee continue their affair, but when Lee wants to make a decision, Cara stops him and tells him that she will not get a divorce. Lee says that he can not live like that and that they are trapped.

The chief discovers the temple of the 5 containing the Eye of Jupiter, pointing the way to Earth. As he makes this discovery, 4 cylon baseships arrive in the immediate vicinity and try to parlay with Galactica.

Without Galactica’s knowledge, the cylons landed a heavy fighter with centurions on board to retrieve the eye.

The chief has to blow up the temple if the cylons appear. They have yet to find the Eye and its meaning.

There is a Mexican standoff, but Deana and Baltar get the message that they must go down to the surface and enter the temple. When the hybrid says this, she is looking directly at Baltar.

Sharon discovers that her child is alive and the admiral learns this from the President. When the cylons launch a few heavy raider ships, the admiral prepares to launch a nuclear strike into the temple to make sure that it doesn’t fall into cylon hands. Meanwhile, the ground forces discover the centurions who are on their way tot heir camp. Thrace is shot down and Sam desperately wants to go save her. He knows about the affair and tells Lee that he isn’t the first one.

What is strange is that the cylons and the rest of humanity are at the planet at the same time, while the star is ready to go nova.

Sharon asks Helo to kill her so that she can be resurrected near her daughter so that she can save her.

6 helps her escape after she realizes that her daughter is sick.

When the cylons approach the temple, the chief hesitates to blow up the temple. Lee tries to but is too late. Deana and Baltar enter the temple and disable the explosives. When the other model tries to kill Deana, Baltar kills him first. When this happens, the sun finally goes nova and Deana has her vision and sees the five last cylon models. She sees a familiar face among them, and says forgive me, I did not know.

As she gets out of the vision, she dies. When she is resurrected, the other models to put her line into cold storage indefinitely.

Dee is able to save Cara and the ragged team is saved when the baseships FTL away. Baltar is captured as well. The Eye of Jupiter was the nova and it points the way to another place.

6 in Baltar tells him that he is the chosen one.

Helo visits Cara and asks about her old paintings from Caprica. The paintings are a match to the Eye of Jupiter. Cara talks about how someone told her that she had a destiny.

Baltar is extensively interrogated, without using torture. He admits to some truths and reveals only what he deems necessary. He is made strong by 6 In Baltar and survives. Lee and Dee make-up, the same goes for Sam and Cara. It seems that both of them will spend time apart and not together.

* * * * *

Now the big questions is who did Deana see in her vision before she died the last time before being put into storage. She recognized the person and it is certain that one of the last cylon models is a human on Galactica, but who?

I hope we will find out before the end of the season.

* * * * *

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4 responses to “Battlestar Galactica S03E08-13 (SciFi)”

  1. Luke Clifford Avatar
    Luke Clifford

    Hey R,

    I have just finished watching the 2.5 season of BSG and love the series!

    I can hardly wait for the next season to come out on DVD.

    Thanks for the feed back and a little hint of what is coming for the 3rd season. I only recall that the people had just spent a year on that shit hole of a place that they colonized and the Cylons had just finally arrived at the planet hidden by the nebula?

    Peace out and talk soon:)


  2. range Avatar

    The Cylons arrived on New Caprica after a year or so and the colony surrendered. The battlestars FTLed out of there with the rest of the ships that were still in orbit.

    Battlestar Galactica mounts a rescue effort and coordinates it with the insurgency on New Caprica. In the battle, the Battlestar Pegasus is lost but most of the crew make it off safely and rejoin the fleet, who is once more chased mercilessly by the cylons.

    In the last few episodes, S03E12-13, the cylons and the humans make it by different paths to the planet in the nebula. The planet contains the Eye of Jupiter, pointing the way to Earth.

  3. mostlyme Avatar

    I am giddy with delight at the fact that someone else loves this show as much as I do. My acting career goal is to play a cyclon this show. I figure that I can be evil. Who can’t? Maybe a puppy or someone who looked like a puppy. Anyway, I’ve been close… but no cigar. I could go on as an extra (as they film in Vancouver), but then I’d never really be able to go all the way with BSG. So no compromises.

    PS. I have seen Starbuck just outside of Starbucks in Kitsilano (no pun intended). And Gaius walking onset near Granville Island.

    PPS. I came to find your site through your beautiful and talented wife’s site.

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