A Strange Mid-Week Break


A view into the Hong Kong airport. Taken on the 15th of February 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200 VR lens. Part of the Suvarnabhumi Series in the Thailand Chronicles.

Today is a state holiday.

Nobody is supposed to be working.

It’s Wednesday, and I just woke up from a 12h sleep.

It felt good.

Last night, I locked my scooter keys under my seat. It happened because I was rushing to get back to work on time, after I had been to the bank to make a money order in Canadian funds. It is for both our university applications for September. We need to get our transcripts and degrees authentified by the TECO office in Ottawa. We finally received all of our documents from Canada and will be sending off a package through a courier service this week. Hopefully, we will get it all back within two weeks and then we will apply.

After that, I taught for the rest of the afternoon and had my first intensive English class. Basically, that class is like tutoring a small group of children, while not getting paid for it. I don’t really mind because I will not be doing it for very long.

As we made our way home, I had to drop by a scooter shop to get our scooter tested for its emissions. I dropped my wife at home and went to the nearest shop, where I had gotten great service the last time. I stopped and explained my situation. I took the opportunity for them to look over the scooter. After the emissions test, which was free, they explained to me that I needed to change the rear wheel, it was almost completely worn down.

I looked at it and agreed. We bargained for a few seconds and came upon the price of 850NTD for everything.

I rarely find these situations challenging. I find them fun. The guys at the shop do not speak any English, but with props in hand, it is easy to get what I want.

They started working immediately. I asked them about the Kymco Ego 250cc and they told me that it was between 92000 and 95000 NTD new. It was a Kymco shop. I had seen that scooter for sale on yahoo for about 60000 NTD, which is more along my price line. For motoring, I plan on getting a small motorcycle in the next few months, to practice shifting and another scooter later on to do the driving. I am waiting to get the more expensive scooter, because there is a chance that I might not be getting it at all. I might just be getting another motorcycle. But like manual cars, manual motorcycles can be a pain in traffic.

By 5:36PM I was already on my way home, riding a safer and more maneuverable scooter.

I didn’t have time to try it out at that point.

I came home and cooked some chicken curry while we watched an episode of Survivor.

We lied down for a few minutes, and I saw that I was falling asleep. I got up quickly and started getting dressed for my tutoring gig at 7:30PM.

I took the scooter and left my wife, who was peacefully sleeping away.

The ride to my gig is really nice. It goes through part of the mountains and has long stretches and lonely roads. Not a lot of traffic, and even at night, it is really fun to drive there. I pushed the scooter even further this time, and was able to sway a lot more than before.

All this after I changed the brakes and the rear wheel?

I wonder what will happen when we change the shocks?

I had left at around 7:20 and made it to the gig at 7:29PM. It can normally take me 15 minutes if I go at a more leisurely pace.

I was ushered inside and put in front of the TV for a few minutes, the students had yet to arrive home.

Thankfully, it took no longer than a few minutes and I started my reading lesson with my 2nd grade student.

She has the tendency, like most students, to cut off the end of her words, because she inserts a downward tone into most of the words she reads. I tried to correct it. She reads well for a 2nd grade student, better than some of my 4th grade student, but the end of some words will disappear in the downward tone. I tried to explain it to her by using the tones that I knew of and how she could correct it by imitating me.

When I left, I stopped at the Family Mart to pick up some Weider Vitamin-In and a dumpling soup, not the instant kind though. I had felt that I was still a bit hungry. I got home and my wife was still sleeping. I made myself comfortable and ate.

After that, I realized that I had to make a few calls to organize our day tomorrow and I did. I talked outside of the aparment for a few minutes. To my surprise, my wife woke up and was standing near the door when I came back him, her eyes still very sleepy. She was very cute, and then we talked a bit.

I continued watching Psych and Numb3rs before going to be at around midnight.

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