A Banyan Leaf Of The Storytree


I met a young man named Emir. At first, I thought that he was a Frenchman, but he told me that he was from Oman, heading from Phuket to Bangkok and then visiting Pattaya, nightclub and whore central in Thailand. I thought I heard his uncle talk in French, but it must have been someone else. His uncle has a young Thai woman with him and probably more than one wife at home in Oman.

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A Cherry Blossom On The Storytree


Just a quick word to say that the service on Cathay Pacific was great, but the food wasn’t too good this time around, at least I got to talk with a 1.76m tall Chinese stewardess who told me that if she had 5 dollars for every time somebody asked her that, she would be a millionaire. Actually, I explained, I didn’t mean it like that. My wife and I both think you could be a model or a TV actress. Naturally, the last part of the conversation I only said in my head, but still the flight attendants on Cathay Pacific are especially attractice.

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We Have Arrived Safely

We arrived home at around 5:30PM in Hsinchu. The place looks a bit fuzzy, but at least we will be sleeping in our own beds tonight. Our taxi driver Wins picked us up on time at the airport and drove us leisurely home. I can access my money fine, now that I am back in Taiwan of course.

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A Few More Hours To Go

It is 5:23AM here in Bangkok International Airport and I am waiting patiently for my flight and check-in. My check-in begins at 6AM and my flight leaves at 8:25AM. It arrives in Hong Kong at noon. My connecting flight leaves HK at 1PM and I land in Taipei at 3PM. I hope to be home by 4PM today, though I am unsure how certain this is.

I look forward to lots of sleep on the flights and at home.

I take home a lot of stories and images from my travels, taken care and heeding the advice that I have learned and lived through. Our next trip will take place in July. It is yet unsure what exactly I will do during the first two weeks of July, I might head directly into Vietnam or Laos by myself and join my wife in Bangkok to then travel to Chiang-Mai in the North of Thailand. We will then make our way down and East towards Cambodia and Angkor Wat. On the way there, we will visit Sukothai historical park, filled to the rim with Wats, and Prasat Phanom Rung in the East of Thailand, right before the Cambodian border.

To enter Cambodia, we will need visas. Which we will take care of in the beginning of our trip.

One thing though, I did enjoy Phuket, but the main reason of me going there was to meet up with an old friend JS.

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The Storytree: The Roots, Origin And The First Leaf

If there is :one thing that I really enjoy, it is the concept of the storytree.

Taken out of Clive Barker’s The Great and Secret Show and Everville novels, the storytree holds the stories of everybody on each different leaf. The storytree is made of a multitude of stories and leaves, all different from eachother. Some intersect on the same branches, other diverge and never combine.

It is the Alder Bole, Yggdrasill, the World Tree, imagined and made real.

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Thailand Chronicles 14: How To Bypass The Excess Weight Charge At Airports

A secret beach between Ao Chalong and Hat Rawai in Phuket, Thailand. Taken on the 22nd of February 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200mm lens. Part of the Thailand Chronicles Series.

Had fun on your vacation?

Did you buy plenty of cheap stuff that you couldn’t find at that price in your home country?

Getting ready to go to the airport to head on home?

Then you get to the airport check-in counter and you get the bad news.

100$ USD in excess weight!

Dang it!

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Thailand Chronicles 13: Liveblogging Or Sort Of From Airports

Our arrival to Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok was captured by a Nikon D200 and a 18-200mm VR lens. Part of the Thailand Chronicles Series.

To my surprise, we got to the airport without breaking the bank. At 125BHT per person, it was cheap compared with the 600BHT quotes we got earlier in the day. It involved taking a Săwngthăew to the bus station in Phuket, then taking a bus direct to the airport.

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Thailand Chronicles 12: Crazy Scare

When we left a bar on Wednesday, I saw this beauty. A Honda CBR 400 in bright orange. I wouldn’t mind having one of these later on this year. Taken on the 21st of February 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200mm VR lens. Part of the Thailand Chronicles Series.

Well, we haven’t been able to access our bank accounts since we arrived in Thailand, even though we were assured of this by our bank in Thailand. The main thing is that I deposited a paycheck into my account on Wednesday, and it takes 3 days for any check to clear. This was a pickle for us. But then, we realized that I could go to any 7-11 and withdraw the funds.

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Thailand Chronicles 11: How To Bypass The Taxi Mafia

Wat Chalong in Ao Chalong during the fair on Phuket island in Thailand. Taken on the 22nd of February 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200mm lens. Part of the Thailand Chronicles Series.

Traveling in Thailand is great.

The food, the people, the international feel of the place.


Yep, I went to a restaurant last night, and everybody in there spoke German.


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Thailand Chronicles 10: On Thai Companionship And Languages

One thing that we both noticed in every single bar in Phuket, is the escort girls.

They are everywhere and leer and all the men coming by.

It is quite strange.

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