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24 S06E15 (Fox)

More Lippo Center from Hong Kong.

This episode of 24 continues the series as it started. We see a lot of things finally coming to fruition. Some threads of the story are finally resolved while new ones are started.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Lost S03E14 (ABC)

A view of the Lippo Center by a reflexion on a building with golden windows. Part of the Hong Kong Series.

So Mu mentioned that I should put spoilers a bit further down in the shows that I review and analyze, so that people who haven’t seen them and who are subscribed to my feed won’t have them in front of their eyes until they want to. I will do so by inserting an extra photo before the spoilers start.

Have fun!

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Goodbye To Carrie And John For 3 Months

The IFC building in Hong Kong, the tallest and most prominent building in the city. Part of the Hong Kong Series.

Last night after work, even though I was tired, I met up with my wife.

I had a snooze in the afternoon, after I had gone by NTNU again to drop off some more papers. The nap was refreshing. I felt pretty good afterwards.

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Ye Olde 1993 Music

A view of the gate to CKS Memorial Hall (國立中正紀念堂) You can see Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi in the background. Taken during the last day of the Lantern Festival. Part of the Lantern Festival Series.

Right now, I am sitting here listening to The Smashing Pumpkins.

Since I do have all of the albums in Canada, I had to get them again here so that I could enjoy them once more.

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A Kimchi Vat Next To The Storytree

I was meeting someone at the Guting MRT (古亭路) to pick up some backpacks a few weeks ago.

It was funny, because I had four bags with me that day. In the end, it looked like I only had two, because the other two were stuffed inside the other ones.

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Tea Withdrawal: The Dark Side Of Drinking Tea

CKS Memorial Hall (國立中正紀念堂), during the last day of the Lantern Festival. Part of the Lantern Festival Series.

Yesterday evening, I got a strange headache.

It’s the dull sort of kind, that travels up and down your neck and settles in the middle of your head.

I have had these headaches before.

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Rome S02E10 (HBO)

CKS Memorial Hall (國立中正紀念堂), during the last day of the Lantern Festival. Part of the Lantern Festival Series.

As their ship makes its escape, Marc Anthony and Verenus are totally defeated by Caesar’s armies.

Marc Anthony tries to broker a deal with Caesar after his defeat, but this will not happen.

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